Medievia Mudslinger

August 7, 2000

Medievia - By Robbi

The rooster crows, morning has come once more,
All Medievians waken, wondering what the gods have in store.
Well rested and fed, they put on their gear,
Bold and courageous, they journey without fear.

Equipment while travelling, is of course something they need,
They come in different forms, belts, rings, crowns or beads.
Giving mana or hit points, or other different attributes,
They are worn all over the body, some looking quite cute!

Whether in forms or by self, they strive to achieve,
The wonders of heroing, which is the highest honor, you see.
Searching through zones, level by level,
They fight all in their path, including the Devil.

Slashing swords clash, and magic spells flash,
But many still die, some from Scruff's bash.
Being the mascot, but difficult to kill,
He is sought after a lot, by those who have skill.

Death can be boring, death can be a fear,
But clerics can resurrect, if only they are near.
If not, then wait, the gods may take pity,
Within 10 minutes, you're as good as a kitty.

Alive once more but tired of fighting,
They enjoy chats with clannies and read clanboard writing.
A friend has come on, they talk for a while,
But then start to duel, shedding more blood than the Nile.

Killing and dying, swearing revenge and laughing,
Medievians never cease to have fun, their ideas and ways, baffling.
This world has brought joy, it has brought laughter and fun,
So tell all your friends, or even your daughter or son!