Medievia Mudslinger

May 6, 2001


As always, we of the Mudslinger staff attempt to entertain you, and while we are putting the final touches to the Zeksagmak issue we have prepared the latest submissions for publication. Without further ado we shall whet your tastebuds with a synopsis of the forthcoming treats.


Drexion attempts to bind together the four classes of the land of Medievia in Unity.


Orkan meets his foe in the arena of death and badly misjudges his chances in Savage Natures.

Karina details a previously unheard of aspect of Medievia's past as she recounts the tale of Mayella.

Wakethorne makes his mark on the literary scene with a sizable piece, but one that is redolent of many the human nature and the twists and turns that destiny can take. "A Woman or a Brother" comes with Excrucior's personal recommendation as a "jolly good read".

The Mudslinger Staff


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