Medievia Mudslinger

May 15, 2004


The Mudslinger staff barbecue finished late last night, but we managed to put a little work in, producing the latest edition of the Medievia Mudslinger before finishing off all the nectar.

Immolatis gives advice and encouragement to those approaching level twenty-six - aka Hell Level.

Sidddy lets you know just when you've played too much Medievia - if that's possible...

The Bloopers return for another issue. More submissions always appreciated.

Clan Spotlight Interviews make a welcome return. Kimetan talked to Circle of Clouds and Rain, while Liyin talked to The White Rose and Outcasts of the Crypt.

As always, anyone wanting to submit an article to the Mudslinger should email Excrucior ( Your Mudslinger needs you!

The Mudslinger Staff


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