Medievia Mudslinger
April 18, 1999

Mathios and Ayundral - By Gremmik

In a distant land, lived a giant, fierce in every aspect of his life. His tongue like a viperís ready to draw blood at the scent of human flesh. His head, a bulge with three eyes. His fists, the size of two four ton chariots, and his feet, shaped in a massive web, with razor shaped claws as toe nails. His body covered by an unearthly aura, in a suit of gold, silver, bronze armor that could only be pierced by Vryce, himself. His arms, shaped like a pythonís body with Solmanic arm plates with spikes every square inch. His veins pop out everywhere exposing a body that could only be that of Ayundral, satan of bringing on self-induced death.

Ayundral bathed in the blood of the victims that he made kill themselves. He was a god who was developed from the bloodshed of evil. He enjoyed with extent watching pitiless citizens of poverty stricken towns, fight each other, and kill each other for honor. Whenever the one that does not die, he feels he has dishonored himself in his community, and he may do a variety of things to kill himself. Ayundral makes sure none of these men suffer a death that is quick and painless. For example, in a town near Thebes, a man fought for his wife against a neighbor that had committed many accounts of adultery. This man fought for his wife but lost, he did not die, but he failed his wife and was emotionally unstable. Ayundral put into the manís mind, that he would only receive his wife back, unless he took his sword and seared off his arm, then took the blood from the seared arm, and spread it among his body. The stench from the blood attracted every type of insect and vulture. The insects and vultures started pecking and scratching at the arm less body. The man swore at the gods, then tried to run for his life. The swarms caught up to him every time then started to devour him by ripping out his intestines, then pulling his skin off from his body. The adulterer would never had tried fighting the man unless it had been for Ayundral making him love the woman.

In Thebes, one of these pitiless women bore a son. This son was the son of Apollo. All around the poverty parts of Thebes, the name Mathios was mentioned. Mathios was this son of Apollo. Mathios grew up in the brutal conditions of urban Thebes. Mathios was a man of integrity, intelligence, and mental strengths. He lacked physical strength for he knew his mind would set him higher then his power. Mathios worked for the king as his advisory. Mathios though had adventures that led him to learn many parts of the art of fighting and war. He may have lacked strength, but he was an excellent swordsman and archer. He won contest after contest. No man matched wits with him either. He seemed like the perfect hero, but he was far from it. His growth in the urban parts of Thebes brought many emotional worries to him and he was emotionally distorted the rest of his life. He grew up with temperamental problems that never had changed.

As Mathios was walking down the road one day, he overheard some men pass by murmuring about a giant over the horizon. Mathios overheard the two men quarrel about what Ayundral had done to a city far in the distance from Thebes. Ayundral had massacred a town by making all of its citizens turn on each other, thus ending the city in a massive puddle of bloodshed. Mathiosís mind went into a thousand directions. He wondered what this giant was like, what he looked like, and whether this giant had been sought up to be what these two men sought him to be. So Mathios walked to the next town, which was only an hours walk away. There, he asked around about this giant that was over the horizon. The only reaction he got was a stare, and everyone began muttering about why he wanted to know. A young merchant spoke, "There is a giant that is known to be the "God of bringing on suicide". He is a ruthless giant and very evil. He is brutal when it comes to the games of the mind. He is said to be able to think of someone and what he wants done to that person, and it happens at that instant." Mathios amazed at this story, began walking out of the town, before he asked another young apprentice, where he might find this giant. The apprentice pointed northeast and said it was many miles away. Mathios started on this long journey. On his way he stopped by this old man that was sitting on a rock in peaceful manner. The man awoke from his meditation and asked Mathios for some money. Mathios had little, but he gave the man all that he had. The old man, in return, gave Mathios a book of spells and antidotes. Mathios was greatly thankful for this gift because of his expertise in medicine and knowledge of spells, he knew this book would be put to great use. The old man also said, " Whenever the opponent battles you, raise this book to the heavens and it will call forth the power of the god, Zeus, upon its victim." Mathios thanked the man, and returned to his journey.

The next thing he came across, was a rogue that would have killed him, if it werenít for the fact that this rogue knew Mathios. The rogue was a strong man, with yellow teeth, bald head, nothing on except for a pair of pants and a rigid shirt. His staff was made of stone and had a carved skull on the end of it. Mathios told the rogue to move aside, so the rogue did with sadness of not getting kill someone Mathios came upon a river that was very wide and had only a tiny bridge for those daring enough to cross it. Mathios one of those daring enough did so. On the other side Mathios ran into a forest that was covered with what seemed like a thousand trees that were a hundred feet in height. Mathios picked up a sword he saw with the tip of it about a four inch blade with blood all over it. Mathios cleaned the blade with his shirt and started to chop away at the bushes in his way. Finally Mathios came upon the mountains, which within held the giant. Mathios didnít know the giant lived in the mountains but was sooner or later going to find out that the homeland he walked upon was the homeland of death. Mathios knew though that the giant was or had been here because of the foot prints. The foot prints were 30 feet in length at least and the rows could only be of the razor sharp claws of Ayundral Mathios followed these tracks to a cave. He knew by the foul odor something was inside. Mathios snuck inside and found Ayundral eating a sandwich. The sandwich though had things sticking out of it. Mathios looked closer, they were the decaying bones of someone. Most likely someone who had killed himself through trying to kill a fellow neighbor. Ayundral sensed a living life force in his cave. He stood up from the table and glared around every corner. Mathios impatient as always jumped out from a corner and screamed at Ayundral. Ayundral turned on Mathios and caused him great harm. Mathios knew from the moment of screaming that was a big mistake. Ayundral was everything everyone said him to be.

Mathios, the weakling, tried to hurt the giant by hitting him in the face. Ayundral just took his big fist and smacked Mathios into the side of the mountain. Recovering from the massive blow to his chest, Mathios stood up. Mathios checked himself, and on his chest a mark of three knuckles was left there. Each mark with a pierce to his body, dripping with blood. Mathios quickly healed himself, and charged at Ayundral. Ayundral surprised at this manís bravery charged too. Mathios thought quickly and slid out of the way. Ayundral began to think, and got an idea. He decided it was time for some fun. Ayundral quickly chanted out some words and a raven came down and entered his body, then he chanted some more and an white aura filled his body. He then chanted, "Aux Ben Flam Ich" the famous words for demonfire. Demonfire was spell that when casted on the victim brought on his most hated fear. Mathiosís fear was the ultimate fear, the fear of evil ruling the world. Mathios began shadow fighting with the monsters that attack him through the spell. Ayundral began to laugh insanely, and he fell to the ground in glee. Ayundral casted another spell on the mobs, making them invincible in the hallucinations. Mathios kept fighting, but none of the monsters were affected. Then Mathios realized what had happen. He started coming back to his senses, when next he knew he was chained to a wall, like Prometheus was. In fact the same chains that linked him to the wall, were the chains later used on Prometheus. Mathios fully able to see what had just happen started to squirm and tried getting out of the chains. Mathios remember ,however, that in that book the old man gave him was a spell far greater then that of any spells ever casted. Mathios chanted some words, but he kept on fumbling on the right incantation. He finally chanted the right words and was freed from the clasps of the chains. He then took the chains and chained up Ayundral to Ayundralís worse fear, the fear of the holy cross. Mathios chained him to a oak tree shaped in a cross. Mathios chanted an incantation, that soon lifted the evil soul of Ayundral and dissolved it. All that was left was body without its soul. Mathios took the body, threw a rope around it, and tied the other end to his waist. Mathios took the hard roads back to Thebes and showed all of the community his kill. Mathios buried the body, in the holy cemetery of the Castle of Thebes. Later that evening after his arrival, the king anointed Mathios as a royal knight and the avenger of evil. From thence after, Mathios fought for good and was called the Cardinal Cleric. Upon Mathiosís death, Mathios requested on his tombstone the inscription, "Here lies a man, intelligent, and strong in the heart. He has lead many adventures, but none that matched the adventure of the killing of the monster who brought on all fears." Mathios died of natural causes, after this account nothing more was said about him except that where his burial site is, no body is found within several miles, and the area is thought to be guarded by the almighty Zeus. The ground has beautiful flowers, a library, which was a gift of the king of Thebes in honor of Mathios, trees so abundantly green that only the grass is darker. The sun shines upon the gravesite of Mathios whenever it rises and whenever it sets. The area is said to be the holiest area in all the world and whomever who steps on it that is evil or has an evil perspective in him or her, that evilness will be dissolved and the man or woman will be pure goodness. They will never commit any sins or break any rules throughout the rest of their lives.