Medievia Mudslinger

September 11, 2003

An Adventure on Market Street by Ezek

I went to the store on my own today,
I had my money and was willing to pay!
My father let me go all by myself,
And look upon things on every shelf.
And oh! what wonderful things my eyes did spy,
From lizard tongues to a dragon's eye!
I tried my hardest to not buy too much,
But the likes of these, I'd never seen such!
I spend too much on staves and wands,
Used to protect or walk over ponds,
And even when I could hold no more,
I had a friend send me more!
Now it's truly horrible my lack of will power,
I'm burdened down by staves, and even a flower.
It seems to me I spend way too much money,
Look, oh dear! Even a pot of honey!
I have no room in my inventory,
I can barely hold this little story!
I have bags and packs full of stuff,
And still I think it's not enough!
I guess dropping some would do some good,
I'm really hungry but can hold no food!
And even my throat is feeling dry,
But I have so much, I cannot try.
For it would make me unable to move,
To hold one more stone, even if I choose!
Perhaps I will buy a locker today,
And put some of this junk away!


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