Medievia Mudslinger

July 1st, 2001

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Soleil and Vryce

The Banns were old and answers made,
By vows both then were bound,
Two souls in Rapture's grace engulfed,
Joined in with breathless sound.

The guests gave fulsome thanks that day,
To see these lovers wed.
So well they knew how deep the hearts,
As the words were said.

The rings they gave they gladly wore,
For each had their soul's mate.
Through storm and fair they've stayed so close,
In such a constant state.

Raise up your glass, give mighty cheer,
We'll meet once more this time next year

Tributes for the Anniversary of Vryce and Soleil

As a special tribute to the marriage (and first anniversary) of our two most perfectly matched divinities, we have twisted a few arms and wheedled at people until they gave us their comments on this auspicious occasion.

To start the event off, we have shamelessly ripped a comment from one half of the main attraction, the Bride herself.

Back in Med 3 when you quit for the day you had to strip all your eq off and put it in your locker, then find the Hotel Medievia and rent a room. If you rented the room with your eq on it was more expensive. So, as a level 18 or so, I stripped down and put all my stuff in my locker, rented the room and happily logged off. I logged back on the next day to realize that I didn't pay my locker enough and ALL MY STUFF was gone.

I remember asking people who I could contact to get the stuff back and there really was no answer. So I asked, well who runs this game? The answer was Vryce. So I said I would contact him. Everyone laughed and said Good Luck getting your stuff back. So, I mudmailed Vryce, he restored me from backup, and that's how Vryce and I met! 5+ years later we got married.


Quotes from players and Gods

Vryce & Soleil,

Congrats on your wedding anniversary!
To the both of you I propose a toast, and offer an Irish wedding hymn:

"May you find many smiles,
and lots of good cheer,
starting on your wedding day,
and lasting year after year,
may you find lots of friends,
who will always be at your side,
may they always fix your buggy,
and never ask for a ride,
may you have lots of good food
to always fill your stomachs,
and may your dear husband,
never become a lummox!"

(that's actually from a book V, *don't* freeze me!)
Happy Anniversary, and many MANY more.
Hugs and kisses,

-Jeru the Damaja '93-01 and beyond... (Clan 3, Fate)

It has finally happened! Vryce and Soleil have gotten through 1 whole year of being married. What does this mean for Medievians? Only that the creator of your favorite game and his beloved wife, are getting the most out of life that it has to offer and having as much fun being married, that we all have playing on Medievia. I am sure I am not alone when I say, that everyone wishes you all the best and a long happy marriage. May everyday you two spend together remind you of the reasons you married and committed your life to the happiness and well being of each other. My fondest wishes go out to both of you and I am sure Medievia will continue to flourish as much as your love for each other has. Congratulations!

- From Cirque Silverspirit, (Leader of Clan 2, The White Rose)

Dear Vryce and Soleil:
Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.
- Khalil Gibran

Best wishes on your anniversary! And may the future bring all that you ask!
Vikrina (Clan 68, Co-leader Assassins of the East)

Congratulations, Vryce and Soleil, on your wedding anniversary.

This game has brought people closer together in many ways, across oceans, sending a world of love, hate, ambition, and comradely down fibre optic lines.

With countless additions to the game, I will have to say that Bloodlines has been the most amazing. My bloodline, the Urimar lineage, has been wonderful. Never were we forced to XP to attain anything, we were merely a family out to play Med, and having a family was a great advantage. With clans getting big, and towns getting big, loyalties became spread thinner and thinner. I yearned for a long time, the closeness of a clan that I once experienced in the smaller, more personal days of Medievia. Bloodlines have made everything so much better.

I know that there isn't one simple solution to all the problems that plague Medievia. All I know is that your hard work and perseverance has remedied some of the problems that plague games that experience such success and growth. Keep up the good work, Vryce and Soleil, and I wish that your marriage will last even longer than the success which this great game has experienced.

- Urquart (Clan 68, Assassins of the East)

A good marriage is a gift that takes work, may yours be blessed with little work and many hours of joy at its inception, you feel forever the excitement of your first kiss, the joy of your first embrace and the comfort of forever together.
Mora and Shaecat for Baylen (and Vryce) Clan 7

Congrats Vryce and Soliel, you have made it through thick and thin and now you reap the fruits of your labor. Happy Anniversary and may many more to come. Have "fun".

- Renna (Leader of Clan 38, Knights of the Blazing Jewel)

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, best of luck in the future!

- Algor (Co-leader of Clan 88, Brotherhood of the Dark Rising)

Vryce, and Soleil, first I'd like to say congrats on the Anniversary. Second, I'd like to thank you guys for great game you have built here, and all the fun it's brought me, and all the great people I've met here. Thanks, and again, Congrats!

-Symbius (Co-leader of Clan 66, Dominion)

Vryce/Soleil: congratulations for your anniversary, and making the last 4 years on med enjoyable and exciting, with something new always around the corner!

- Jabari (Leader of Clan 67, Temple of the Triple Aspect)

Dear Vryce and Soleil, People are sceptical about online romance and the aftermath and you both have proved that you can love from afar, come together and make a brilliant life together. I wish you both much happiness, love and good health together for many years to come.

- Tharghan (Leader of Clan 52, Rogues of the Forbidden Legion)

Congrats Mike and Dianne on being married for a year, I wish you many more years of happiness together!

- Marekel (Leader of Clan 58, The Dark Herbalists)

From our family to yours:
Coven of Avalon offers our Congratulations to Vryce and Soleil on your Anniversary. Always pursue the truth in life and love, forever be each others best friend and confidant, and never be afraid to let the world or each other know how much you cherish your life together. Thank you for making Mediavia what is today, and for always dreaming what it will be tomorrow.
Best Wishes,

Trideth and the Coven of Avalon

Congratulations Vryce and Soleil on your First Wedding Anniversary. May your special day be all you hope and dream for.

- Lynsey (Clan 22, Cradle of Corpses)

I would like to congratulate them and say if they both continue to treat each other like the truly special people that they are then I'm sure there will be many more anniversaries

- Sith (Leader of Clan 27, The Dark Lords of Sith)

Congratulations and best wishes to both Vryce and Soleil on your first year of marriage! May you find happiness and joy forever, and the years ahead be filled with every happiness.

- Faraday and the rest of the 54 Town

I just wish them luck and for many years to come, hope they enjoy every moment of it!

- Magiin (Leader of Clan 3, Fate)

Dear Mike and Di,
Congrats on your first year anniversary :) You all are the picture of a storybook romance and it's refreshing to know that true love does exist in this world. both the Medieval one and the Reality one. I wish y'all many more happy years to come filled with prosperity and good health.

Ashiana - for clan 19 (The Order of Eternal Champions)

Vryce and Soliel, thank you for all your years of hard work and devotion to making Medievia the best on line mud in the world. I hope this anniversary brings you all the joy and pleasure life has to offer :)

- Rynheart

Happy Anniversary, First Lord and Lady of this wonderful realm. The past year's marital bliss has been good for you both, and I look forward to seeing the pitter patter of miniature Voleils and Sryces roaming the land.

- Jancis (Co-leader of Clan 20, Lords of Discipline)

Throughout playing Medievia, I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to some great people, including the game's creator Vryce and his wife Soleil. I wish you both the best, and a happy anniversary!

- Timotheus (Co-leader of Clan 90, Blood of the Fallen)

Happy Anniversary, We all love you! Thanks so much for inviting us all to this awesome party we call Medievia!

- Ralu (Clan 42, House of Swords and Magic)

Congratulations to a beautiful generous couple, and best wishes for many years of happy marriage to come!

- Khwaj (Leader of Clan 15, Followers of One Dark Path)

CONGRATZ!!!! To the couple in the balcony who have made, run, improved the world we all log in to. I wish you a very exciting and happy anniversary filled with merriment and remembrance of what got you where you are together today. Many blessings and good luck for more anniversaries to come.

Baldy (Clan 48, Regiment of Everlasting Victors)

Best wishes for many more Medievian years to come, and may every anniversary be as happy as your first.

- Nefarious (Former Leader of Clan 19, Order of Eternal Champions)

Congratulations Dianne and Michael, I think I can say with no exceptions that every single player on Medievia wishes you a long and happy life together.

- Calmore (Co-leader of Clan 52, Rogues of the Forbidden Legion)

Best wishes and Happy Anniversary to Vryce and Soleil.

- Ginthrum (Leader of Clan 29, Disciples of the Ancient Prophecy)

Congratulations on another year of happiness together and your 1-year official anniversary. Wishing you many happier years together!

- Altisa (Leader of Clan 30, Knights of Infinity)

Happy Anniversary Mike and Diane. I hope the 4000-pound jar of honey keeps you well fed for the next year 8-).

All our best wishes, Waverly and Tiffany (Clan 52, Rogues of the Forbidden Legion)

Congratulations on the anniversary and many thanks for working so hard on med

- Abish (Clan 67, Temple of the Triple Aspect)

Congratulations, Vryce and Soleil!
I hope you have a very happy anniversary, and many more to come! Thanks to both of you for making Medievia a place we can all visit and enjoy.

- Beren (Clan 84, Legends of Fire)

Congrats V, now get to work on your bloodline!

- Perrry

Vryce & Soleil,
May your anniversary be filled with the love and then joy you feel for each other. May your love run deep, your passions high and your patience long. All the best for this and every other day of your lives.


Happy Anniversary and may your love and vow for each other last longer than eternity.

- Xincerflis (Clan 25, Defenders of Faith)

Best wishes for many more years of happiness together!

- Kostia/Stavia

Grats on your upcoming wedding anniversary Soleil & V, you are the envy of every single med player. Wish you ever bit of happiness you deserve for the future.

- Lawrence (Leader of Clan 91, Soldiers of the Southern Cross)

To quote from the story of Medievia:
'"His eyes opened to see a beauteous woman. The woman was the embodiment of the very soul of the world..."
I hope your goddess is everything you wanted her to be V!
Happy first anniversary, Vryce and Soleil!

- Darcet (Clan 94, Cartel of Ill Redemption)

Dear Vryce and Soleil:
May you continue to give each other as much happiness as Medievia has to its players.

- Yvain (Clan 69, Sun Coer Sidi)

Congratulations to Vryce and Soleil on their wedding anniversary, and in true Medievia fashion I give them a big "woooooooooo!"

- Ziyx (Clan 78, Harbingers of Chaos)

Congrats on one year together, and may you have many more. :)


Grats on the anniversary, hope to see you again soon, luck to you!

- Evangelion (Leader of 53, Kindred of the Dawn)

Congrats on getting through the ups and downs of the first year of marriage. Respect and care for both of y'all.

- Casse and Dworkin

Vryce and Soleil:
Llongyfarchiadau a phob lwc i ddyfodol
Félicitations et bonne chance à l'avenir
Congratulations and good luck for the future

- Nykaul

Vryce and Soleil

Congratulations on your first year of marriage! We hope that the rest of your lives together are safe, fulfilling, and full of excitement. Best of luck with all your life's endeavours, make sure to live life to the fullest, and always stay true to each other.

Love Gersidi and Chedomila, and the rest of the Gang at the


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