Medievia Mudslinger

April 8, 2001

Mage's Dream - By Dahsrah

Arise in the morning to the alarm clock's scream,
Open my eyes still half caught in the dream.
Searching dark hallows where nightmares are kept,
I think of the things that I saw while I slept.

Dragons and demons with hooves in twain cleft,
Wanting to steal the life strength I have left.
Alone in the wilderness seeking a friend,
My cleric has left me... it looks like the end.
I look for an exit, cast farsight due east,
But I find no shelter... just one more beast.

I stumble off north driven only by fear,
I see signs of battle, some blood was spilt here.
Look to my backpack to quench my poor thirst,
My skin has gone empty... but that's not the worst.
This forest is thick'ning, the way is too dense,
My magic is failing... my words don't make sense.

A summon could save me, but no one is near,
I'm stuck in this darkness, just me and my fear.
Off in the distance I see it come down,
The shadow it cast... the size of a town.
Soon he will find me I know this is true,
I can't ponder long on what I should do.
I turn and I run moving too fast to see.
I know soon for sure that he's hunting me!

My breath is failing, my movement is low,
Death is now coming, there's nowhere to go.
I stop now to rest... to search yet once more,
For cleric or clannie to show me a door.
I cry out in terror from thoughts of his sight,
Something is happening... something's not right!

I open my eyes and new things appear,
I suddenly notice my clannies are here.
Her summon has snatched me from death's mighty grasp,
I fall at her feet and muster a gasp.
Thank you my love... you've done it once more,
You saved my life... and lessened his score.

I come to my knees and stand once again,
My leaders are here... my clannies... my friend.
Thank you all deeply for letting me in,
Helping me... guiding me... "Seeker" to the end.


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