Medievia Mudslinger

March 18, 2001

Lucky for the total PK cap - By Ycef

Not long ago there was a small lad,
He owned but a knife and leather pants.
Evil overcame him and he went mad;
He grinned often and was prone to rants.

He set out on an unusual trip;
To overcome the Xezadha stronghold.
Before too long it was in his grip.
The only survivors were tough and bold.

All the newbies do beware
The player killer is in his home
Even bloodlines now show fear.
If you do enter watch where you roam.

Heroes are called in to lend support.
But the door is small and they cannot fit.
They wait outside; a last resort.
However the lad isn't tricked one bit

He doesn't trade and never XPs,
(Otherwise he'd have to go.)
PK statistics are what he needs.
In this zone he runs the show.

Do not despair; keep on trying,
One day his dagger will falter.
One good stab will get him crying;
Send him running to the altar.


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