Medievia Mudslinger

August 3, 2000

Clan Loyalty - By Rejun

When you hit lvl 18-20 you'll start looking for a proper clan to join and when you do find that perfect clan you'll want to be as loyal as you can. Being loyal to your clan is not only a matter of honor and trust but if you offend people you'll be first in line to get bumped off when a more loyal clan member requests a friend be let in.

The first thing you should do when starting out in a clan is to not spam on the clan or town channel, all it does in annoy people. You can waive this rule to some extent if there's a large discussion going on and people may not see your message but don't just outright spam. Even if there are some discussions going on people will probably see your request for help and respond - remember, not everybody has the best connection to Medievia so their responses can be slow.

Another thing you need to remember is to show some respect to the clan leader and coleader. It's not advisable that you start ignoring them or insulting them, in several clans these are the ONLY people with remove member priviliges, so don't push it.

Now that we have that out of the way we can start on the real loyalty information. First off is that your clannies may not push you into transferring money into the clan account. The odds are pretty slim that that will happen but I have heard of it on more that one occasion - it's still an important thing to do. I suggest that you transfer 1/10 to 1/2 of your profit after a trade or equipment run, this way you still keep a large amount of money and your clan gets enough of the profit to pay off what ever expenses it may accumulate in the near future. If your clan is trying to create a sister clan or to break away from another clan I suggest transferring more than the norm but still make sure you come off on the up side.

If a large number of your clannies are going to trade or gain experience in a single form, try to join up with them unless special skills you don't have are required such as sneak or lvl 28+ or something of that nature, it can help you gain experience or money and also help you bond with your fellow clan members. If you are turned away from a form don't complain, you will come off as anoying and this will decrease the chance of them asking you on another form. Once you are in a form, don't critise or bicker with other members of the form and follow the instructions of the form leader unless you know a better way, and even if you do know a better way tell the form leader about it in a logical way, don't just stomp off on your own since this will also decrease the chance of the leader asking you on future runs.

You need to help other clannies out every time you can, for example I recently spent an hour and a half trying to find a couple of eggs for a clannie, and even though I didn't get the eggs I considered the time well spent. When I come on trade runs with clan members, I perform any task I can for the other members, and in return they help me out in any way they can, it's a kind of 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours' situation.

Several clans have rules that you must follow, and I suggest you follow them to the letter since you can be gravely punished if you break them. A few things you need to check up on is if your clan allows any player killing of other members, if you are allowed to out bid clan members on the auction channel, if a certain regular cash transfer is required, and items similiar to those.

This article might seem to be saying that you should be a foot rest for your fellow clannies, but I have no intention of telling any of you to grin and bear it. You should speak your mind unless it is a direct insult to another player, nationality, race, religion, etc. To explain these restrictions is pretty easy since all of them are forbiden in Medievia plain and simple. Speak your own mind but accept the decisions of your leader and coleader.

Some other things to be on the lookout for are if your clannies repeatedly exclude you on activities you are readily able for, such as trade runs that conform to your lvl, experience runs that you could survive in, they insult you in a serious way, or all and all don't appreciate you or what you contibute, you should leave. You should give the clan members a period of time to start including you in more serious things, some if not most players were not on when you joined the clan and are not familiar with you so your name may not jump to their mind when looking for a form. Over all, though, if you are not included in forms after 5 or so periods of logging on and asking, you'd better start looking for other opportunities.