Medievia Mudslinger

April 8, 2001

Clan Town Limericks - By Asnita

There once was a Lord of Discipline,
Who walked through the Wilderness whistlin'.
The banelars did shout,
For they’d heard him out!
They breathed fire and he became kindlin'.

There once was a Circle of Power
Who gathered at Lord Chepstow's tower.
All his captors were slain,
The Lord free from his bane,
Bequeathed them all with his fine dower.

There once was a clan of old menders,
Who liked to be called Faith Defenders.
All wounds they could cure,
They had mana for sure.
If you wronged them they’d burn you to cinders.

There once was a great Hero brawlin',
The dragons the newbies were callin'.
His sword circled 'round,
They fell to the ground,
He drank up the Blood of the Fallen.

There once was a town on the border,
Orcs set fires to create disorder.
People died in flames,
Soleil called their names,
Creating a new Phoenix Order.

There once was a wonderful feast,
Whose main course was a vile beast.
One asked with a grimace,
'Who slew this great menace?'
All cheered ‘Underlords of the East!’

There once was a strange Vernal Bloom,
In a town who had felt winter’s doom.
Soon they cursed the Petals,
Which had poison nettles,
The poor healers soon ran out of room.

There once was a Mournful old Knight,
His grief was a terrible sight.
He gathered a friend,
And went to Sea's End,
And soon his glum spirits were light.

There once was a woman at the gate,
Cloaked in Shadows she went to tempt fate.
She started a trade run,
Sure soon it would be done,
But the trolls saw both her and her freight.

There was an Illustrious Acolyte,
Who was sure being good was quite trite.
He cast dispel good,
On those that he could,
All the affable mobs felt his bite.

There once was a Syndicate Dark,
Who sought the Archmage up in Vark.
The ice made them freeze,
Were dispelled with ease,
To the altar they soon did embark.

There once was a Crime Underground,
With bandits and villains all ‘round.
But a clan town arose,
That was called The White Rose,
They smote all the thieves that they found.

There once was a Coven in Avalon.
While combing they noticed a tag-a-long.
On the sprite they did swarm,
But she was in their form!
Alas, their leader was killed in the throng.

There once were fiendish wyrms by the hoards,
Who wrecked houses, set fire to the boards.
A brave clan came to fight,
Vengeance showed them great might,
Thus they earned the name Dragon Highlords.

There once was a Coven of Night,
Who gleamed with a Sapphire's light.
They tried to sneak by,
But they weren’t that sly,
Their glow soon attracted a fight.

There was an Underworld Warlord,
Who carried a gigantic sword.
The mob did cast weaken,
And soon he was shriekin',
He could hold his great blade no more.

There was once a Templar of Knights,
Who journeyed to Spirited Heights.
The Kehohta's set traps,
But they'd studied their maps,
The Avian Gods felt their smites.

The Spirits of Knowledge were old.
They'd been everywhere, it was told.
They set out to sea,
To find fresh XP,
And with luck found Stornaway's Hold

There once was a murky fey bog,
Covered in a glimmering fog.
The elves knew the ways,
To walk through Mysts Strays,
But it left all mortals agog.

There once was a Champion Order,
Who patrolled on the desert's border.
They slew nomads by knife,
Yet Eternal their strife,
Killing rebels hell-bent on disorder.

There once was a clan town named Fate.
Ran Bloodstone at quite a fast rate.
They loved player killing,
In zones that were willing,
Heads on stakes made up their town gate.

There once was a Nashite Conclave Black.
Whose thief heroes were superb at track.
A player was pk'd,
So a great form was made,
And the meanie was killed with a whack.

There once was a Council of wizards.
Their Crimson ice robes would cause blizzards.
They’d freeze mobs with a glance,
And if they had the chance,
They’d chow down on popsicled gizzards.

There once was an Eternal Path hidden,
In a zone most considered forbidden.
A group soon was formed,
To the zone they swarmed,
To this day they Seek it when they're bidden.

There was a Forgotten clan town,
Who were tired of being put down.
For years they were wan,
But they hatched a plan,
By Dawning they’d captured the crown.

There once was a clan town of Cheese,
With Merchants who aimed to appease.
Blue, Cheddar, or Brie,
With salt from the sea,
Travelers came here for more than the breeze.

There once was a Legion of Knights
Their Shadowy looks were a fright.
They flew to Naera Mae,
Minotaurs they did slay,
Yet heroes soon gave them a fight.

There once was a Dark Lord of Sith,
Known ‘round as a wonderful smith.
The way his swords gleamed,
T'was magic, it seemed,
He swore that was only a myth.

There once were some Disciples so sad,
Ancient Prophecy was all they had.
Said, 'Whate’er shall we do,
If our vision’s not true?
By the Gods we believe we’ll go mad.'

There once was player who was frozen,
By Gods for not being ambrosian.
Her acts she lamented,
She soon had repented,
And rejoined the Wrath of the Chosen.

There once was a clan town in despair,
The Guardians soon found their way there.
They started a rout,
Cleaned all the mobs out,
The town found their Justice quite fair.

There once was a town that was needy,
No golden gates for Sun Coer Sidi.
They traded pell-mell,
Found items to sell,
Soon gold lust made them become greedy.

There once were some Herbalists Dark,
With potions of poisonous bark.
One whiff of their brew,
Would make you see-thru,
And your fingertips give off a spark.

There once was a clan near Ulhazzen,
The Eternal Flame Soldiers were brazen.
They'd storm into a zone,
Take it for their own,
Heedless of the heck they were raisin'.

There was a clan town quite true,
Who dreamed of good deeds they could do.
All young fighters they aided,
Not a one of them jaded,
They had a Legacy of Virtue.

There once was a clan town in the east,
Which was plagued by a villainous beast.
They hunted it down,
Brought peace to the town,
Thus, Vengeance's sorrows were ceased.

There once was a petrified log,
Rune-carved by the Minions of Og,
There they performed rites,
Which were eerie sights,
When the swamp was covered by fog.

There once were Angels of Midnight,
Who found Dragmire Stronghold a blight.
They slew orcs with their spells.
When they heard no more yells,
The Vanguard found no more were in sight.

There once was a set of grand stairs,
Set upon by the Twilight Corsairs.
At each step they would meet,
A new monster to beat,
But the monument soon would be theirs.

There once was a clan hunting sheep,
Who stumbled onto Horneg's Keep.
The great Shadow Wolves slew,
The strange mobs Horneg grew,
With howls that would make your skin creep.


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