Medievia Mudslinger

July 28, 2000

A Poem of Light and Dark: - By Diraki

Magic and Might, Troubles at Night
Awaken our hero with something bright
Yet he hears nothing, and sees even less
The light he sees leaves him to guess
The meaning of this magnificent sight.

And so he remembers the tales thus told,
The myths and legends, and tales of old.
Tales his brother told him on trips,
and words he somehow said without moving his lips.

He and his brother on a journey to New Ashton,
But someone came along and bashed 'em.
And his brother was lost leaving him to journey his own,
To find the someone else to trust and to find a sacred Tome.

This night was different, something lost,
Something was missing, but at what cost?
He thought of the songs his mother used to sing,
The songs she used to sing him in spring.

Several other homesicks were here,
All of them with him at clan sixty-six.
He once left his mother to rot in a fire,
But all he now thought of was her playing the lyre.

He remembered his father, how he tought them to fight,
But that wouldn't help our hero that fateful night.
The light was so bright, but there was nothing to fight.

He was lost in his shadow and his soul opened up.
He looked in the bright golden goblet.. or was it just a shiny cup?
He thought since he'd lost his family he'd always been free,
What he didn't realize was that his alignment was negative three-thirty-three