Medievia Mudslinger
July 15, 1999

Excerpt from the life of Kythe Xieaj, Paladin Ordinaire. - By Kythe

.. and letting myself slip from the saddle which was set along the plated back of the dragon, I unstrung my hammer from my back, and pressed its head flat against the earth, with the butt of the handle pressing into my arm as I leaned against it. I was slightly confused at first, brown eyes staring off along the rolling hills, attempting to confirm the rumor that had been clawing itself about the grapevine; the rumor of some castle lost in the thick grasp of swamps; a castle that was home to monsters.. and perhaps treasure. Giving a shrug of my shoulders, I threw myself back onto my mount, and headed east, only to encounter a trail of hard-packed dirt, which was a slight surprise to me, this area supposedly being in the middle of nowhere and all. I couldn't help but laugh to myself, thinking of this quaint sight. Continuing along the same trail, I came to realize two things: that the path is rather flat, suggesting travel, and that once you reach the swamps, you wish you could have flown into the castle. I can't much stand the smell, and the dragon isn't a delightful thing to ride when it's acting tipsy, as it seems to have trouble with its gait around these areas.

Arriving at the castle, with my dragon having fled long ago, I lifted my eyes toward its gothic stone, and couldn't help but feel a shiver of dread roll through my flesh--but again, I found it strange that the bridge would seem so fresh, and the rails along its sides would be unrusted. I'm crediting these unusual finds to the first expedition that came through here. Unslinging my hammer from my back, and fingers fluttering as lips whispered soft words, I brought my weapon to bare as my magicks took hold about me, a flare of holy light which signified the Gods would offer me some sanctuary from the evils within. Already, though, I could see dragons lifting and falling from the skies, giving me the impression that I wouldn't be alone if trouble came to catch me.

At first, I was a slight surprised seeing such a massive beast before me, its thick tail gently swaying behind it, and plated back shifting with each lazy step--but after that, I hadn't enough time to be surprised, because as soon as I had taken a curious step toward it, the beast lunged its tail at me, and caught the sides of my robes with the talons imbedded in its end. Stumbling back, I was quick to call into use my powers--the battle was swift, but bloody; as I was, in the end. Standing over the huge mass of smoldering flesh, I couldn't help but feel.. a bit hungry--so I did what came natural, and torched the carcass a bit more, before dining.

A sharp howl ringing along the hills--along the stone walls, and then the hurried fluttering of bats; lifting myself from the floor, with fingers having curled to a key, I glanced about curiously, listening to that faint hiss that was lost within the shadows, and that quaint clicking along the stone, of something moving against it. Beside me, with the clouds shifting to offer some semblance of light, the glimmering shafts caught down onto the earth, illuminating two translucent figures, who walked past without acknowledging my presence. Gulping nervously, I held my hand to my collar, and let the fingers press first to my head, and then to either shoulder, making the sign of the cross--and then moved forward, into the unknown.

Throwing myself to the side, the beast let loose a shrill cry of anger, and lunged at me with its hind legs, wickedly curved talons aiming for my stomach. Before they could connect though, I quickly chanted out "In Vas Grav!" and threw my hands forward, the wide side of the hammer of faith catching it at its stomach, easily knocking it outside. Gulping for air, and stumbling to side, with blood rolling from my cheeks, my current weapon dissipated from my grasp, and I limped toward my discarded hammer, right leg dragging behind me--and then right leg no more, the velociraptor having caught it in its jaws, and torn it away, leaving rags of flesh to remain. I had only a moment to cry out in agony--before another from its pack caught me from my side, and ended life swiftly.

What a zone this is, this Stornaway Castle. The first time I went there, yes, I did die by the hands--or should I say feet--of a velociprator, and after about five minutes of searching for the altar, which I discovered to be inside the castle(for those who have yet to visit), I joined myself up into a form with a small handful of people, and death was still something that hung over us all--at any given time, when there are at least five people there, I could bet you that at least one of them is dead. I think there were two forms, once--and both were dead.

If you love resurrecting people, this is the place.

Aside from the fact that you're going to die if you visit the zone by yourself, and ignoring the fact that the zone is loaded with either a large handful of aggressive mobs, or just a huge amount of passive mobs in a closed area(which makes firestorm and tremor great), the experience is wonderful--well, in the sense that you've worked for it, and it's worth it. Also, if you're into selling equipment, this is one of those places--like Horneg's Keep and Mahn-Tor--that has equipment valued about 10-20k.


  1. Stay clear of the final floor, unless you want to kill off your form, or you think you're tough enough to handle it. The elite guards roam that level in packs of five or six, along with the king--the guards are aggressive, if not kooky looking, and enjoy bashing a few heads in.
  2. Most, if not all of the dinosaurs are aggresive. I would suggest you keep your eye out for the velociraptor, as it slices and dices better than various cookware utencils.
  3. Rather than typing out the name of your prehistoric buddy, try using 'dinosaur' instead. Like 'bash dinosaur' instead of 'bash iguanodon' as I think it would be easier to type--even more for that.. diochitnyies or however it's spelled--and 'ankylosaurus.'
  4. When you die, don't wander the wildernes--the altar is within the castle, on the second floor.
  5. If you're a warrior, the only thing you'll be good here for (mostly) is taking the brunt of the fight, as most of the monsters, other than the dinosaurs, can't be hurt by physical means.
  6. All for the want of a room spell--the mobs like to roam, and whether they're aggro or not, a roomspell will keep 'em out while you're fighting, and leave you more friendlier to that man casting 'c firestorm.'
  7. Try using the search command here and there, as there are secret rooms.
  8. Anything that kills you will not make you stronger.
Have fun (dying).