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July 4, 2001


The summer's heat has enclosed the editorial office in its sultry grip. Smudged ink is the least of our worries for we have made a change or two after consulting you - the reader.

First of all please read the "The New Improved Mudslinger" which details some of these changes. Some of these have already been mentioned in HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT so please read these carefully if you feel like writing for us. Ifyou have any suggestions then is the chap to contact.


Yarhj regales us with a tale of what a Mudslinger writer has to put up with in "A Story's Worth". Feel like submitting? After reading this you may be a little less confident...

Rapscallion bends reality once again in "Roles Reversed". Warning - this may bring up embarassing memories. Oh yes, his answers to the Song contest (from the Zeksagmak issue - remember that?) are published as well.


Our very own Excrucior has started his own series on How to Write for the Mudslinger. Hint, tips, creative guidance - the usual things that people find useful.

Forgotten Legends

A new section where we unearth an old but good article for the benefit of newer players. This time around we have the "The Case of the False Crystals" by Archus.


It was suggested by players that we allow people to take over existing unfinished serials. The short answer is "no". The long answer is that we've created one for you to continue! Excrucior bruised his quill and the ink veritably spluttered across the vellum to produce "Entwined Destinies" - part one of a new series. Read the rules at the top of the piece fully before attempting to add to this mighty epic.

Happy reading!

The Mudslinger Staff


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