Medievia Mudslinger

July 14, 2001


Time comes upon us all and again we have produced another spectacle for your deletation. The staff members have been flogging themselves to get the work done in double quick time - although pressure of RL demands have made a couple of articles miss their deadlines. Most notably the results of the Story competition has been slipped to next issue but we do have a number of entries to select from.



Tubloko regales us with the "Ballad of Sir Fieorr," a nautical adventure in verse.


We have a piece from Ratarko that is rather different to the standard fictional piece - The Last Stand

Regular features:

Maleah presents the new style Mudmarriages and Heroings/Reheroings. Let us know what you think of it. Like it? Hate it? We need to know.

Forgotten Legends

This issue we remember the adventures of a Gargoyle in "The Staff Canteen" by Faelan.

The Mudslinger Staff


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