Medievia Mudslinger

January 25, 2004


"Is it under there?"


"Then where is it?"

Mank shrugged. "Chitter," he suggested.

"Calendars don't just grow legs and walk away," Excrucior said. "Well, not unless there's some new code I don't know about." He rummaged under a teetering pile of papers and frowned. "Go to another god's office and find out the date, will you?"

Mank scurried away. Excrucior sighed and continued scouring the untidy mounds of paper in his office. He'd got Elnissa's Special Edition Swimsuit Calendar delivered under cover of darkness only - how long ago was it now? Ah - there it was. He pulled it from underneath a bookcase and began to leaf through the pages.

"Chitter!" Mank said, scurrying back into the office.

Excrucior snapped the calendar shut. "Watch your mouth," he warned. "I'm just trying to find out where we are in the year, not staring."

"Chitter," Mank said with a shrug.

"So, what date is it? I can't work it out in here."

Mank stifled a snigger and whistled. Three other imps dragged a calendar in from the corridor. "Chitter!"

"Next year's calendar?" Excrucior demanded. "But that means..."


"But I have Christmas-themed articles..."


"Well, you're probably right. They won't notice..."

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"I did *not* fall asleep for two months!"



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