Medievia Mudslinger

November 19, 2000

A Spoof Interview with Zeksagmak - By Nykaul

The interview took place on November 13th, 2000 in the comfy lair of Zeksagmak, the location of which I am unable to disclose due to the fact he does not wish to have gate-crashers. He is the oldest living ruby dragon in Medievia's current history, and hopes to retain the record for a long time to come. He is a year old and attributes it to clean living, a stable diet and the ability to beat pesky heroes.

I spoke with Zeksagmak, via a translator, about Medievia and his life and this is what he had to say.

Nykaul: How long have you been in Medievia and what initially got you started?

Zeksagmak: It's been around a year now since I was first hatched. Initially Vryce needed a few good dragons to help him out with a module he was doing for Medievia. There was a high risk factor, what with all those heroes just dying for the hides and all, but Vryce offered a nice benefits package. All the heroes I could eat and a nice new lair every so often. I just couldn't say no. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nykaul: So tell us, what exactly does the average Medievia player taste like?

Zeksagmak: Chicken!

Nykaul: And do you try to maintain a varied diet?

Zeksagmak: Well, yes, I like to eat from the four basic food groups like any sensible being. Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Thief, although the Thieves can be a bit stringy at times. Half the time I save one over to floss with.

Nykaul: How do you feel about your brethen being killed off so easily by heroes?

Zeksagmak: Well, if they're not up to it then it's their own fault, really. They ought to eat more fibre, stiffen their sinews a bit in the gym, give up smoking and the like. I went onto smokeless fuel some time ago and I've never looked back.

Nykaul: Did you have any influences that you looked up to while you were growing up?

Zeksagmak: Hmm, not really. I honestly consider myself to be a unique being, no-one else can match me. I'll admit I learned a few things from Fothgolia, how to make an exit and all that, but I like to think I've done it in my own manner.

Nykaul: So how does the real Zeksagmak compare with the fictional one on Mudslinger?

Zeksagmak: I usually have to get one of the Undead Crusaders to read it for me, these talons aren't made for holding paper, you know. Usually I can't hear what they're reading out because they giggle when they see it. Make your own judgement from that.

Nykaul: Do you consider these heroes to be homewreckers or merely annoyances for your amusement?

Zeksagmak: Part of the job. I mean, I need the protein so that's good, and they provide a rather essential element when I need more Undead Crusaders. It's actually quite vital, when you get down to it.

Nykaul: When you attack a clantown is it for business or pleasure?

Zeksagmak: Definitely pleasure. It's good to get out into the open air once in a while, meet new people, see the sights. I try to grab a couple of souvenirs each time I'm out, something to jog the memory and to show the kids.

Nykaul: You have children?

Zeksagmak: Not yet, but there's a Green I'm rather fond of. I'd like to say no more on that matter, if you don't mind. I'd rather keep her name out of this.

Nykaul: Do you consider yourself invincible or merely unbeatable?

Zeksagmak: Both!

Nykaul: If you could ask anyone in Medievia a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Zeksagmak: Probably Iskandar. How annoyed was he when I beat off all his friends that time? And does he want to try it again? I'm ready for him.

Nykaul: Name 5 things most people dont know about you!

  1. I like Riverton opera, although I have to pay for three aisles in the theatre there so I don't go too often.
  2. Some of my best friends are Banelars.
  3. I haven't seen a taxman around here for years. Not sure why but I'm not complaining.
  4. I'm actually a big softy at heart, what people say about me being big and fierce is really hurtful sometimes.
  5. I'd like to deny the rumors of plastic surgery. That's just a nasty tale put about by a Silver I had to throw out of this lair a while back.
Nykaul: So where did you get the name Zeksagmak from?

Zeksagmak: My parents, same as everyone else.

Nykaul: What are your plans now?

Zeksagmak: Lunch. Any chance you could bring a few mortals down here? No?

Nykaul: Sometimes a girl just has to decline. Anyway, your breath is quite firey, have you ever suffered from heartburn?

Zeksagmak: Oh, chronically at times. I usually find that if I loot some corpses I can find a healing staff or two, a quick nibble on one of those does the trick. Once I ran right out and I had hiccoughs as well, you can't imagine how bad that was. Some of the Lavalanches threatened to resign.

Nykaul: After a year of marauding and ravaging the ranks of the heroes, you must have some amusing tales to tell. Are there any that you can share?

Zeksagmak: RRrrrooOOAAaaRRR! Grunt, snuffle growl growl. Rroar rooooaaar, snort, snort grunt.

Nykaul: Um, that was my best translator.

Zeksagmak: Snurkle. Burp.

Nykaul: You're welcome.

I would like to thank Zeksagmak for his time and honesty in answering the questions everyone wanted answers to. Also, for the fact he didnt eat me, or burn me alive.

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