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September 2, 2000

An Interview with Wilderop - by Nykaul

The following interview was conducted on 29th August, 2000 in my office. Wilderop is currently a hero in the Children of the Apocalypse the New World Order Clan. He is 18 years of age and was an NT administrator until this month when he became an unemployed college student. He is currently studying Computer Science (programming) at Queensborough Community College in New York City.

Nykaul: How long have you been playing Medievia and what initially got you to start playing?

Wilderop: I think 4 years. Let me think I was a freshmen in high-school when I started my own MUD but it was the end of the year. Maybe it was sophomore year. 3-4 years. Well while I was running my own mud I started playing Medievia and I used the server I had my mud on to run denial of service attacks on med's server. I gave the gods here my address, phone number, server name and password and Vryce eventually deleted my mud. But then I was totally addicted to Medievia and begged Vryce to let me play and as you can see he did!

Nykaul: Why did you attack Medievia?

Wilderop: The ORIGINAL reason was because hero's were harassing me, sending me mail and this was before the NOMAIL command so I kinda got annoyed by the big red mail flag and so went nuts and prayed for them to fix it and the heroes heard my pray and they sent me more rafts. Then a god slayed me and I said you will pay for this. I pinged Medievia down for 30 seconds came back on and told them I did it. I'm told my history is like a book. The file that is. So its not fair to judge me on all that stuff IMHO [in my humble opinion] Anyway I also pinged med down on new years eve/day for 3-5 hours. That's when Vryce got REALLY angry or at least I assume he did. He logged on my server and did an rm -rf *

Nykaul: Which means?

Wilderop: For those that don't use linux that deletes all directories and all files. Deleted my mud plus the little batch files I used to ping med. They also got me kicked off the server that was hosting my mud so I really had NOTHING left to do but play med. I know I deserved it. I am just happy Vryce no longer holds a grudge.

Nykaul: Who were your influences/heroes as you were progressing through your Med life?

Wilderop: My first clan was 38 and Horathgar and Hesseth were leading at the time and Lotius was in the clan. My memory is all fuzzy it comes back slow. Anyway my first character, the one that got perma froze for the pinging, was in 38. When I created Wilderop I think the clan I ended up in was basically 27 and Keirgar was the leader of 27 when I joined but he left and he took all the good players with him.

Nykaul: So there was no one person that you looked up to and admired?

Wilderop: THARGHAN! Tharghan let me into 52! He fought for me to be re- enrolled 3 times even though I left for stupid reasons and was not skilled. He gave me picks from runs I didn't go on. He knew all the zones, has the best equipment and he still is nice to me, so nice to me even now. He has never really been mean to me. There were times when I thought for SURE he would hate me. He still gave me another chance and acted like he still cared about me.

Nykaul: What would you say has been the most memorable event in your Med life?

Wilderop: Well there is more then one. There is a newbie accomplishment and a hero one. As a newbie cleric thief I was brought along on a day2 bloodstone run, at that time this was just way cool to me, and all the heroes got killed by the nightmare beast but I lived! I picked up all the keys and transported and saved the run! The hero one is less dramatic but Tharghan and Elaxer have always been idols to me and when I beat them in a chaos quest (this first quest I ever won) I was thrilled. I fought Tharghan once and killed Elaxer twice in the quest.

Nykaul: Do you feel that as a hero you have to set an example to lower level players?

Wilderop: In a weird way yes. I have to pk [player kill] them to show them that pk is part of the game. I don't really suggest anyone use me as a role model

Nykaul: How would you describe your average day as a hero?

Wilderop: Chat on imm, listen to town channel, bug Tharghan if we are running anything, scry some mobs, look for runs, run a run or two with clannies or townies, help some newbies, spend some time with my friends on the game, meditate and find inner peace in my wonderful house'.

Nykaul: Did achieving the status of hero be everything you thought it would be?

Wilderop: Well not at first. At first it sucked. My AFK [away from keyboard] message is knowledge is power, now just because that's my AFK message doesn't mean *I* have knowledge but the message is still true. If I had the confidence to lead runs to every zone in the game plus the knowledge then I would be a REAL hero. Attaining hero is just a few extra stats on my hp/mana otherwise.

Nykaul: Do you think the caliber of heroes have changed since the introduction of MLR's?

Wilderop: Autoquests are not in. I really think MLR is not complete without autoquests and I think people going out and exploring the zones which I assume is what autoquests require is the most important part of BEING a hero.

Nykaul: How much has Med changed since you started playing?

Wilderop: Well I guess it has a lot more neat features but it is still the same basic game underneath, run zones to get equipment and become powerful. Of course its more then that that's just the undercurrent. I like the bloodlines and the mob factions and oh dragonlairs are probably the change I like most.

Nykaul: What is your favorite aspect of Medievia?

Wilderop: The fact that every two weeks (minimum) when I log on I type changes and see a neat little change showing the coders are constantly working to improve this vast virtual world that is hurtling towards a goal of vast proportions making me have to adapt to these new changes. That is where I derive the most fun.

Nykaul: What is the most important aspect?

Wilderop: It is the living breathing part of medievia, the part of medievia that runs by itself even if none one restarts the aspect of medievia that makes it FEEL like a real world the wilderness and the dragon flights and the tons of original zones.

Nykaul: If something happened and you were forced to quit right now, what would you want people to remember about you?

Wilderop: I'd want people to see my house and remember goofy Wilderop the gully dwarf who just wanted everyone to be happy and really deep down hates no one!

Nykaul: And what would you think people actually would remember about you?

Wilderop: Wilderop = that weird idiot who spent to much money on donations and was always kissing Vryce's and Tharghan's butt'.

Nykaul: Why, in your opinion, do you think players return to Med over other types of games?

Wilderop: Med has no ending. Med is here always to welcome you back.

Nykaul: If you were to ask anyone a question what would it be and to who?

Wilderop: I would ask Vryce if he would try this cool vegetarian food that tastes like chicken tenders but is made of vegetables. I heard he's on a diet and so is my mom and she eats them I am curious if Vryce would eat them.

Nykaul: If you could interview anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Wilderop: I would interview Jesus I guess but he would just tell me everything from his point of view. That's the problem with interviewing anyone. I want to know what happened not what they think happened but I think Jesus would answer a lot of philosophical and spiritual questions I have.

Nykaul: Name 5 things that people do not know about you!


  1. I ski and scuba dive during the appropriate seasons.
  2. I enjoy deep sea fishing.
  3. I wanted to be a chemist before I got into computers.
  4. When I scream and stuff on imm or anything I am sitting perfectly calm at my keyboard with maybe my face muscles and shoulders slightly tensed as a sign of my anger.
  5. I make my room freezing cold till I'm shivering almost to play med. I react fastest to my keyboard under these conditions'.

I would like to thank Wilderop for his time and honesty in answering these questions. The experience was extremely informative.

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