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January 28, 2001

An Interview with Gamina - By Nykaul

The interview took place on January 15th, 2001 in the Day and Night Room, a part of Gamina's home. She is a level 35 (142) God and the Manager of Clantowns, Manager of Help Files, as well as many other activities. She claims she has had many accomplishments in Medievia but "meeting people that I have become very close friends, and occasionally more, on here and I treasure those friends more than any other 'event'" in the game, as the most important.

I asked Gamina some questions about Medievia as well as information about her life, this is what she told me.

Nykaul: How long have you been playing Medievia and what initially got you started?

Gamina: Honestly? I don't remember how long I've played. I've played characters that are no longer in the game and some that I'm sure I've forgotten the names. I know I started somewhere at the tail end of Med 3 though. As for who started me, an ex played here and had gotten me involved with it, though that character is long gone and that person no longer logs on but I found reason to stay.

Nykaul: How much as Medievia changed since you started playing?

Gamina: QUITE a bit and I've seen so many ideas implemented and failed while many others have survived the trials.

Nykaul: Any examples?

Gamina: Clan wars and Kingdoms were the two biggest that come to mind.

Nykaul: Did you have any influences or heroes as you progressed through your Medievia life?

Gamina: Many people, too many to even start naming.

Nykaul: Do you remember when and how you became a God?

Gamina: As for when? I really don't remember. But as for how? I was scared out of my wits by Vryce! I had never talked to him before, and had only seen him on the development channel. He telepathed me "BOO" and I jumped out of my chair. When I sat down, it was with shaking hands - and then he interviewed me and we more or less chatted. He's quite a nice guy once you get to talk with him, though many do not have that chance.

Nykaul: And he asked you to become a God?

Gamina: Pretty much. I was originally hired to do help files.

Nykaul: Once you got past the shaking hands and scared out of your wits, what was your reaction?

Gamina: Was exciting for the most part. I had already fallen in love with playing the game, and this was a way to give something back to it.

Nykaul: Had you thought about applying to be a God or ever thought about becoming one before that?

Gamina: Well, I had applied for this position originally. I never really expected to get it though.

Nykaul: Since then you have become one of the higher level Gods on Medievia. How would you describe your average day to a player?

Gamina: Well, considering in real life I'm extremely busy right now between school and work, I'm hidden most of the time I'm on. I handle a lot of emails regarding clantown building and work in other windows for the help files. When I have time I go visible and chat with mortals, helping them as they telepath me. If I only have short periods of time, I'll chit chat and mess around with the other gods up here.

Nykaul: Do you have any current or future projects that you can tell us about?

Gamina: Not in particular, I'm always working with the help files or working with clantowns - that's a constant given. I've had this zone - Mists of Elvian (142) - for quite a while, and do want to actually get around to finishing it. With my school and work load right now, plus everything else, I just don't have the time.

Nykaul: If someone had any problems with clan towns or help files they should mudmail or email you about them?

Gamina: In a nutshell, yes, email or mudmail me and I'll surely clear up anything that needs to be cleared.

Nykaul: You've been playing for quite a few years, you must have come across some interesting, and oft embarassing stories. Do you have any you would like to share?

Gamina: Not really - I tend to get silly sometimes. Many people know about my infamous "kruns" which I get a kick out of doing. Embarassing Masou is always fun too but it can be hard since he's extremely good-natured. Watching drunk gods be silly on god channels is probably when I laugh the most.

Nykaul: Talking about Masou, you are quite well known for marrying a lot. Any comments about that?

Gamina: It's all in good fun really. Masou is very sweet and funny. I love chatting with him and his 'honey' when I can. As for the marriages, like I said, it's just fun to do. As for Masou's 'honey', she's my only hero's (who's actually an avatar) mommie! and boy did she teach me the art of online flirting.

Nykaul: What has been some of your favourite features/aspects/changes of Medievia over the years?

Gamina: Some of my favorite ones are when Refuge opened, because it stresses use of help files and finding things out for yourself - when MLR's and zone experience percentage came in - because people could not just sit in one zone anymore and hero, and basically seeing all the new zones come into play. I was always getting pk'd out of my favorite zones when I first started playing and there were few other options now there are quite a few options open. I actually get a kick out of mob factions also, because I used to be a VERY quick trader, and it got to the point that it was really boring - even though i really liked it at first. Now there's a challenge there. Not that I can find a lot of TIME to trade, but when I do, I have more fun with it. I miss when the tradeposts reset on a certain day each month because they would ALL reset, so you'd spend all your time for two days, dragging things back and forth, rarely flying anywhere.

Nykaul: What would you say has been some of your least favourite aspects/features/changes to happen to Medievia?

Gamina: Though many would disagree with me, dragonlairs aren't one of my favorites. I think it's more because I rarely play my avatar anymore, but play her bloodline whenever I get the chance, and no one will take a single cleric in, but the aspect itself is pretty interesting, just depressing being little sometimes. I think the least favorable aspects to med is while I'm on my god and people are complaining about the silliest little things.

Nykaul: What features/changes would you like to see happen on Medievia?

Gamina: Add more interesting aspects into clantowns - things to make them more active, have a new help file system that would do MORE than it does now - more in the form of organization. Make it so my mortals start third class cleric/mage/thief. Nothing else that I can think of off hand. I'd really like to see some of the older zones get added onto and made into more of a challenge. Ones like toshi/etc have procs (special things that happen in rooms) - and extend a story to make it more of a challenge.

Nykaul: If you were forced to quit Med this very second, what would you want people to remember about you?

Gamina: If I had to quit by force, it would be because of something drastic, so I really wouldn't want people to remember me. Quitting by choice is different, but I don't see that any time in the future.

Nykaul: What would you think people WOULD remember about you?

Gamina: Some of the avatars keep mentioning my phrase that I used to say every morning - "gods I hate mornings" Lots of heros try telepathing me "krun" whenever I'm visible so I do a Kiss and Run on them and other than that, I'm not too sure hehe, cept for maybe being a major flirt.

Nykaul: If you could ask anyone on Medievia a question, what would it be and to who?

Gamina: No idea. I'm too blunt, I ask people things as I think of them.

Nykaul: If you could interview anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Gamina: Absolutely no idea so pass!

Nykaul: Where did you get the name Gamina from, and what does it mean?

Gamina: Honestly? I pulled it out of the top of my head, I later found out when I actually bought and read the book, that it's from an Feist book. I didn't know that ahead of time though.

Nykaul: If you could describe yourself in just three words, what would they be?

Gamina: Pass! Gimme five pages and I could. You CAN'T condense me down that far! Though I'd say 'curious' if it was only one word because I want to know bits and pieces about everything.

Nykaul: Some people will have certain music that they play while playing Medievia, or certain rituals. Do you have anything like that?

Gamina: Nope, though there's a vacuum cleaner going upstairs. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I don't, sometimes I have the lights on, sometimes I don't.. doesn't matter to me. Although, I DO like running med in console mudmaster mode - i dont like playing in windows.

Nykaul: If you had three wishes, and it wasnt to ask for more wishes, what would you wish for?

Gamina: 1) To be together and happy with the love of my life (which isn't possible right now) 2) to not have to worry about money so that I could go back to school full time and 3) to start a family with the person mentioned in item 1.

Nykaul: If you could have one skill or spell from Medievia in real life, which one would it be and why?

Gamina: TELEPORT/SUMMON or PHASE! Flying takes too long and is too expensive! I like travelling but can't afford it.

Nykaul: What item would always be found in your fridge, day or night, any day, month or time of year?

Gamina: umm one of two things. 1) cheese (of course) which me and my honey both love and 2) that jar of pickles that's been in there since I moved into this house. It was, at one time, the ONLY thing in there.

Nykaul: Anything further you would like to add? Comments, statements, opinions?

Gamina: Not in particular - except that I don't keep much of my private life to myself, which most of the upper gods can attest to, and to the embarrasment of Enignon.

Nykaul: Name five things most people dont know about you!

Gamina: 1) My honey is Enignon, and though I flirt with pretty much everyone, I'm totally dedicated in my heart to him, and he's the one I DO want to be with.

Gamina: 2) I'm bisexual and have always leaned more towards the gay lifestyle.. even tho the last two relationships I've been in have been with guys. Sexuality is irrelevant to me, I am drawn to the personality of people.

Gamina: 3) I've been to five colleges/universities so far and have at LEAST one more to go before I get a four year degree, since I'm still working on my two-year.

Gamina: 4) I'm an avid reader and find time even if I have to give up sleep to do it - and I like mostly mystical/magical fantasy novels'.

Gamina: 5) I can cook just about ANYTHING in a microwave (tho since I rarely eat meat, that's rarely one of them), but I've almost perfected cheese lasagna!

I would like to thank Gamina for her time and honesty in answering my questions.

If you believe you are a 'special' person that should be interviewed then email me at with the reasons why. Also, if you have a question you have always wanted to ask someone, feel free to email that question and if I ever interview that person I may include your question.


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