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November 11, 2000

An Interview with Amava - By Nykaul

The interview took place on October 24th 2000 in my Halloween decorated office. Amava is the clanleader of the Coven of the Sapphire Night (Clan 73) and is currently a dual class thief. Against all decorum I asked Amava her age, and as any respectable lady would she declined to indulge us citing her reason as being 'leery about internet people'. She works in data entry for an oil company in Kansas, as well as taking some grad-level computer classes at a local college.

I asked Amava several questions about Medievia and her life and this is what she told me.

Nykaul:How long have you been on the internet?

Amava:I have been on the internet for about ten years now, one of which was with AOL - wretch!

Nykaul: How long have you been playing Medievia and what got you started?

Amava: Hmm..I've been playing for about ... good god I think about seven years, but that seems too long. A few friends of mine kidnapped me off IRC and got me playing. It was a big scary change from chat rooms!

Nykaul: What was your initial reaction?

Amava: I think as a newbie back then it was by far harder than it is now. My first reaction was "OMG ITS MOVING SO FAST!!

Nykaul: Do you ever regret the transition from IRC to Med?

Amava: No! I've had so much fun, and met so many unique people. This game has changed my life, and it is by far a better pass time then mindless chat! It's a challenge, and I love it!

Nykaul: Through seven years you must have had a few influences or people that you have admired. Who where they and what did they mean to you?

Amava: Well, the main influence I had was my girlfriend who played also, she was such a force of nature in how she made friends and connected with people. I've also been "awed" by big clans only to realize it's all a facade. Some of the people who have influenced me since I came back were people like Elander and Sypha who gave me faith in my abilities to lead a clan.

Nykaul: After seven years a lot of people would have expected you to be a hero by now, yet you are only a dual class. What are you opinions on that?

Amava: I'm a SUPERNEWBIE! I love being a newbie! It gives me much more range to help lowlevel people, because I remember being "scared" of heros when I was a true newbie.

Nykaul: So you do not wish to become a hero?

Amava: I do, at some point. I'm just not really worried about it, there's so much to do other than exp and level.

Nykaul: What would you say was your biggest accomplishment on Med, so far?

Amava: I think my biggest accomplishment has been getting my clan and town up and running. It's been so much work, but it's also something I've wanted to do for ages.

Nykaul: Some people claim that only heroes can truly lead a clan. As a clan leader yourself, what are your opinions?

Amava: I think it takes someone who's able to motivate and inspire. A hero with no leadership skills couldn't lead a clan at all, where a newbie with great leadership abilities could be better than even the biggest and baddest hero.

Nykaul: Can you tell us a few of the reasons why you decided on creating your own clan?

Amava: Well, I've been in a lot of clans, and seen a lot of leadership types but nothing ever felt "right". When I started my clan, and even now, the main goal has been to become friends with one another. I've never cared about rank and status- which a lot of people don't understand. Mainly it was a release for me, I was tired of being in clans that fought or didn't agree with their sister clans..So I made my clan and town based around friendship before anything else.

Nykaul: What would you say has been your most memorable event in Med since you started playing?

Amava: The most memorable event...hmmm..I think kingdoms coming out was a major one. KoBM and KoEL changed my opinion of the game greatly and intrigued me. Watching them go was horrible, though! Sniff!

Nykaul: You must have had quite a few embarassing tales since you started, could you share a few with us?

Amava: I actually can't think of anything really embarassing. I know I've felt stupid several times! Well, I was embarassed when I found out one of my friends, who played a female character, was really male. It shocked me to no end!

Nykaul: What happened when you found out?

Amava: Well, nothing really I just sat here for a moment looking dumb, then got over it and kept combing with him!

Nykaul: It seems that most people assume a female character is played by a male whenever they show they are good at something in the game. What are your opinions on that?

Amava: I think men are too full of themselved to think that women can't be as good as them. Just because some females are assertive and rock the world beyond belief they feel threatened. I think people need to chill out and realize this is JUST a game and there is nothing to prove.

Nykaul: You have several pictures on Medweb's picture page. Do you ever get comments from people who have seen them?

Amava: I've had a few people tell me that me and April (Xyla) look like we had a little too much fun while she was here...And a few people were amused by my water reaper comment on one pic. But overall not many people mention them.

Nykaul: Has Med changed much since you first started playing?

Amava: Oh yes. So much is different now. All the new stuff Vryce has put in, all the new people. There have been so many "revolutions", and so many big changes to the game. I remember when you could trade without mobfactions, and now they are implementing MF's that attack clan towns. Well, then again there used to be the Castles instead of Clantowns, and, well - Yes! This game has definately gotten a lot better over the years.

Nykaul: What has been one of your favorite features/aspects/changes of Med over the years?

Amava: One of my favorite features has been just recently. The Refuge and all the help newbies get now ROCKS. I think the changes are making newbies better clannies once they leave newbie clan. I think also, the help and attention they get helps pull them into the game quicker. Instead of feeling totally lost and alone they have a wonderful team of Gods and Avatars helping them every step of the way.

Nykaul: You said that you like to help low level players and newbies, do you feel you can give them more help at your current level or as an avatar? That is if you intend to become one.

Amava: I think that I could help them more as an Avatar, honestly. But I think being low level and showing them zones helps them see how hard they can be..A hero showing a newbie any certain zone may seem a lot easier than normal, in ways it helps a true newbie see how hard a zone or task can be.

Nykaul: What would you say has been some of your most unfavorable aspects/features/changes of Med?

Amava: Mobfactions are evil. I think, even though it does a bit of reality, that they are getting a bit out of hand. I think the gods working on Mobfaction stuff shuold focus on expanding the catacombs!

Nykaul: What changes would you like to see Med make?

Amava: Well, all these new zones are coming out, and all these new players. I think we need more hard-core exp zones, and less equipment zones. Its hard to level when all the "good zones" are full. I also think there should be more activities for heros...I have a lot of friends who hero then get bored with the game because it loses it's challenge. I think bloodlnes rocked, for instance, it gave heros a way to start a newbie that actually effect their own character.

Nykaul: What aspect of the game is the most important? ie, xp'ing, pk'ing, social, helping or ?

Amava: I think the most important aspect of the game isn't really related to the game. Disconnecting and realizing that this isn't life is the biggest thing. So many people on here fight or try to prove themselves. It's too much effort for a game. I think the most influencial person in this game is someone who can have fun, and let this be a game.

Nykaul: If you were forced to quit med this second, what would you want people to remember about you?

Amava: Gasp! Oh I can't think of not being with all my friends here! Okay, I'd want people to remember, hmmm. Wow that tough! I think I'd want people to remember my enthusiasm. I've always tried to be the motivator, and I think it's an important thing to have.

Nykaul: What do you think people WILL remember about you?

Amava: My terrible temper! I get frustrated so easily, but it quickly blows over. I hope people can see past that, though. I'm really not quite as evil as some people think. I hope they remember me for my WONDERFUL CT! Cause my CT rocks!'.

Nykaul: If you could ask anyone on Med a question, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Amava: Well, I'd like to ask Vryce how he's doing today. Seems to me not many people see how hard he works. I think med should appriciate how much he does!

Nykaul: If you could have one of the skills or spells on Med in real life, which would you want and why?

Amava: See, I'd really like to have resurrect, I hate seeing people die. But in all honesty I'd love to have heal. To take away the pain and suffering and make everything better. (Or I could be really cheesy and say the ability to duel! I'd sure love to pk my boss!)

Nykaul: Where does the name 'Amava' come from? How did you pick it?

Amava: Well, it's actually an Italian word, it means "he/she loved". I used to have my title set to "all in existance". So it read "She who loved all in existance". It was pretty much just a random pick and I liked the sound of it.

Nykaul: So what are your goals for Amava now?

Amava: My goals. Finish my beautiful CT, start my town's third clan, Perhaps multi to Mage. I really would like to hero eventually and apply for Avatar,newbies are so cute.

Nykaul: If you could interview anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Amava: I would LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE to interview "Tyler Durdin". Fight Club was a great movie! But I'd really like to know what was going through that guys mind!

Nykaul: Do you have any ritual habit while you play Med? Like play certain music at certain times, always drink mountain dew or something.

Amava: I always smile! If I quit smiling, I log off because it means I've let the game get to me.

Nykaul: If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Amava: I would have to say "Beauty (not physical beauty, spiritual beauty.), Life (the embodiment of such), and Hope (the epitome of such)

Nykaul: What would you say your biggest accomplishment in life has been?

Amava: Living is an accomplishment in and of itself, but I think that becoming secure in myself and what I am is my biggest accomplishment. It takes a lot to tell the world who you really are.

Nykaul: List 5 things that most people do not know about you!

  1. I am Wiccan in real life.
  2. I actually have never been to Wisconsin.
  3. I love Sushi, but I refuse to eat red meat.
  4. OH! I've never been to an "official" Med gtg.
Nykaul: Any further comments, suggestions, opinions or the like now?

Amava: Well lets see, my favorite saying "Medievia is not your life. Your life is what happens when you turn the computer off"

I would like to thank Amava for her time in answering my questions. It was both interesting and a delight.

If you believe you are a 'special' person that should be interviewed then email me at with the reasons why. Also, if you have a question you have always wanted to ask someone, feel free to email that question and if I ever interview that person I may include your question.