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August 17th, 2001

An Interview with Alara - By Nykaul

The following interview is with Alara, who is not only an avatar, but a hero and clanleader of the Seekers of the Eternal Path (49). It would be rude of me to say any ladies' age, but if you read the interview then maybe you will learn a lot more about Alara and the things she has to say about Medievia.

Nykaul: When did you start playing Medievia?

Alara: I started playing Med about four years ago. Alara is my original character. And I have been quite happy with Med since I started.

Nykaul: What got you started playing Medievia?

Alara: My sister Kaleia came to stay with me for a bit. She was playing it and I saw the game. I was fascinated. I have a great love for role playing games. She got me started as a character and here I am today.

Nykaul: Had you played on a MUD before you started playing Medievia, if so how did it compare?

Alara: Nope, I never even knew what a MUD was. I did try playing others at times when Med was down, but nothing even came close to the variety and complexity of this game. So I have stuck just to this one.

Nykaul: What was your initial reaction to Medievia?

Alara: I loved it! I couldn't believe the sheer numbers of people on the game. And all the activities that we could do. The layout is fantastic and the help files really make it easy to learn. On top of that, people were willing to help you when you needed it. So it was not too frustrating in the beginning.

Nykaul: What was it for you, personally, that made Medievia so fun and something you wanted to continue playing?

Alara: I think mostly it is the interaction between real people. The forms and the upgrading that you do to the game. There are so many things to do that I don't get bored. And I can always find somebody to just chat too even. Or activities in link when I just want to hang out. I became hooked on trade running and I do that just to relax. Even with the MF's, I still enjoy those the most.

Nykaul: How has Medievia changed since you started playing?

Alara: Well, they don't have castle battles anymore. I started playing just before they stopped. So I didn't get a real chance to learn about those. I would like to see something along those lines again. The Kingdoms came and went. They added dragon lairs and mob factions. And they didn't have clantowns when I first started playing, either. Of course, they added a lot of new zones and the Auto Quests. And the MLR's started afterwards. I can go on, but I think you get the point. Medievia is constantly changing.

Nykaul: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment on Medievia?

Alara: I feel that I have really accomplished quite a bit. I lead Clan 49 (Seekers of the Eternal Path) and I am an Avatar. Those were my two dreams when I started playing. Some people might say that the simple fact that I heroed was an accomplishment. I would have to agree with that. It took me forever, but I didn't do any power leveling. I just wanted to sit back and enjoy the game to it's fullest. Also, I have met so many people and a few of them have become close friends. That is a big thing for me.

Nykaul: How would you describe your average day playing?

Alara: Well, the first thing I do is check my e-mail to see if any clannies have any requests or such when I come on the computer. So I can take care of them quicker. And I check my web page to see what I may need to work on next. When I first log on, I usually have alot of people telepathing me and talking to me (what leader doesn't), so I have to get my leader business handled first. You know, if there are problems to deal with or people want to tell me what is happening on Med or with them personally. I do my very best to take an interest in my clannies and to help them any way I can. (I think that is why so many people consider me more like a "mom". But I love it.) After that, I usually check to see how our ratings are. See if they have made any changes. See what everybody is doing and what we can do together. So my day will vary from trade running to combing, getting eq and so on. Sometimes I am tired and just want to chill out, so I will just sit and chat. And that doesn't even go into duties as an Avatar. Hehehe..I really never know what my day will consist of.

Nykaul: What would you say was your worst newbie experience?

Alara: Well, that was 4 years ago! I am not really sure. I think probably that I didn't know about training my stats up. So I lived with low dex the entire time I was a thief. And my first clan, though I still have friends from there, wasn't suited for me. So I ended up leaving them for another one. Other than that, I can't really say I had any bad experiences.

Nykaul: What would you say was your most memorable moment on Medievia?

Alara: I would have to say that was when I first had my clan. I could not be clan leader at first, because I was only a single. So I had to wait until I was a dual to become leader. I had some friends that helped build our clan. They were tremendous. It would have taken me forever, if at all, if it weren't for them. The next moment ones were when I heroed and when I became an Avatar.

Nykaul: What are you looking forward to most in your Medievia playing career?

Alara: That will have to be the day when I actually have equipment that I can be proud of. I am afraid my personal equipment is not a high priority for me. I am looking forward to having some donation equipment that works now and other elite equipment. Also, I am hoping to learn more zones. I depend on others more than I would like to as a leader for zones. Of course, I do have lots of time to spend working on these things. more thing. I would like to have one of the top ten clans in Medievia. It is my current dream. A long, slow process.

Nykaul: What has been your favorite aspect/feature/change in the game?

Alara: Oh boy. This is a hard question to answer. My favorite aspect. Again, the people that you meet and play with. It is refreshing. My favorite feature. Right now it is Auto Quests. I really enjoy doing those. I have learned alot more about the world of Medievia from those. My favorite change. Definately dragon lairs. Hunting down a dragon is great fun. And it is something that you have to do often if you want that dragon hide eq for your hero.

Nykaul: What has been your least favorite aspect/feature/change in the game?

Alara: hmm. Again, a tough question. I can't say that I like those Troll Factions that much. They usually win. And the values from trade runs are so low all the time, there aren't enough catastrophes to keep them high. Of course, the value of elite equipment doesn't go down, so it is hard to raise enough cash to buy any. Running large zones aren't easy to do because hero clans monopolize them in cpk. hmm..I guess that is about it. Every body likes some things, dislikes others. I suppose I mostly think that it is harder for new clans and clannies to get anywhere unless you have a bunch of heros. But, enough about that.

Nykaul: What changes do you think Medievia should make?

Alara: I would like to see more variety in stats on equipment. Like dr/hp or maybe even triple stats on some equipment. I also think they should get rid of those multi-slot items that take more than one location. Those seem like a waste to me. Also, I would like to see more zones with a little better stuff for newbies.

Nykaul: Do you roleplay your character, and if so, in what ways?

Alara: Well, I would like to, but my efforts fail. I don't have enough of an imagination to do it effectively. And so many people on Med don't, that it is kind of hard to stay in character. And as time goes along, there are more and more non-medieval elements added to the game. For example: Spaceballs, the toilet paper. (among other things). Not alot of people can accomplish staying in the role-playing mode.

Nykaul: What is your definition of a Hero?

Alara: Well, I guess a hero is somebody who has learned how to survive using all classes and can incorporate all those skills into one final character. Somebody who will be an example to others who want to become a hero as well. Not saying that they have to be Avatars or anything, but I think they need to have a bit of a higher standard. Because they are setting examples to non-heros. I think they need to have stricter rules governing them. I mean, when a hero pks a newbie..even in an npk zone, it really isn't a fair fight, is it?

Nykaul: What is your definition of a newbie?

Alara: A newbie is just that. A person new to Med that is like a babe in the woods. They need guidance and direction. They need to learn how to survive and excel in the world of Medievia, but they simply need some assistance. But not everything given to them.

Nykaul: Which, if any, players influenced your playing style, and your character?

Alara: Oh boy, there have been so many people. My first clan (Devil's Own) no longer exists, but I first learned about clans from them. And I still have friends among them. My sister of course. My second clan (Legacy of Virtue), from whom I learned a great deal. And who I also have quite a few friends from. And my current clannies..all of them. Each and every person influences how I play Med and develops my characters. I think I would like to stave off from naming names, I would be bound to forget too many people. But I thank all of you for helping me become who I am.

Nykaul: What made you decide to become an Avatar?

Alara: Well, I knew that I wanted to be able to help other people who are new to Med. My sister was an Avatar..and I asked her how she became one. She told me what was expected and I applied. I can't help as much as I would like to, but I do what I can. I get a sense of accomplishment when I can help a newbie who has questions and I can answer them.

Nykaul: How is Avatar different from Hero, in your opinion?

Alara: An Avatar has to have a higher standard. Because they are dedicated to helping people learn med. They are kind of like mini-gods..a go between. When newbies can't get help any other way, we are there for them. We must set a good example for other people. We have stricter rules than heros do, but that I would expect. And I expect that we should live up to those rules. All people eventually become heros, not everybody becomes an Avatar.

Nykaul: Do you get tired with answering the same questions over and over to a new bunch of players every day?

Alara: No, I can't say that I do. Most people have different questions. And the more I answer them, or have to find out an answer for them, the more I learn as well. It's a 2-way street for me.

Nykaul: What is the benefit of being an Avatar?

Alara: Hehehe..mostly it is the "'re an Avatar!" reaction. Even I take pride in that. We can hear newbie prayers and telepaths directly to us from them. So we can help them more directly. And having the flag is a status symbol. Yeah..I would say the best benefit is the admiration of others.

Nykaul: Do you feel like you get treated differently by other players because of your status as Avatar?

Alara: Not by my friends. I try not to let it go to my head. And I don't feel that I do enough to be treated differently. But by newer players, yes. I get a dose of respect from them. Like I said, it is the flag and because we are there to help them, they respect that.

Nykaul: Do you have any humorous tale to share about an experience you've had as an Avatar?

Alara: I am really trying to think of something, but right now, nothing comes to mind.

Nykaul: Do you feel you are treated differently by other players because of your gender?

Alara: No, I don't feel I get treated differently because of my gender. I have noticed that women and men both do equally well here. We can all use the same equipment and can get the same stats. There are no physical or mental blocks for me here. You never know, I could be a man in disquise. (wink). Also, if I had a male character, nobody would know that either. Ok..maybe the come ons from men to women are an aspect. But, that's life. I don't have to comply if I don't want to.

Nykaul: Would you say there were any advantages or disadvantages to being a female on the game?

Alara: I think that the women are generally more gentle in nature then the men are. Not quite as aggressive. Or at least perceived that way. But like I said before, that is a generalization. There are some women that are quite aggressive here and they do fine. Also, as a woman, I can use my feminine wiles and my emotions (as women do)...gig.

Nykaul: How old are you, and what do you do for a living?

Alara: I am 34 years old. I am married and have 2 kids. My son also plays Med (Coralneous). I work for a shipping company in the Maintenance Department. I do all the computer/paperwork. Office Coordinator. I love it. Keeps me very busy all day long and I get to know alot of truckers. They are a fun bunch of people.

Nykaul: What would you say was your biggest life accomplishment?

Alara: hmm.. Meeting my husband and marrying him. Having my children. I am a family oriented person. Seeing my kids do well in school, raising them to be decent people. Even when I can't be home all the time. Those I think make me feel that my life is worth something.

Nykaul: If you were forced to quit Medievia this very second, what would you want people to remember about you?

Alara: That I was a kind person who only wanted to help people any way I could. That I enjoyed the game and I would be thinking of them. I hope some of them would think that I helped them in there lives some way.

Nykaul: What do you think people WILL remember about you?

Alara: Hmm..there are so many people on Med. I am not sure that I am a memorable person. But for those that know me, they will probably remember me as being a nice person who listened when they needed somebody to, who gave advice and occasionally preached at them. And probably that I didn't spend enough time making my character better. And that I always did Urville runs.

Nykaul: If you could ask anyone on Medievia a question, who would you ask and what would the question be?

Alara: I would probably ask Vryce what is like being worshipped and what problems he has to deal with all day long so that I would feel like I am not so overwhelmed at times.

Nykaul: If you could interview anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Alara: um..I think maybe an alien from another planet. Ok, maybe some people don't believe in other beings. But I do. And I would want to know how their civilization advanced..what they have learned in their travels. How we would compare to them. How we could develop our technology so that we may also travel to other worlds someday. Things like that.

Nykaul: If you could have any Medievia spell or skill in real life, what would you want and why?

Alara: hehe..i really like energy drain. But I think it would have to be the heal spell. Simply because it is inevitable that people come to harm. I would want to have the ability to heal them.

Nykaul: How did you come up with the name 'Alara' and what does it mean, if anything?

Alara: Well, the first few names I tried were denied. I just thought and thought and thought. I thought this sounded pretty. And it was approved. Later, after becoming an Avatar, I decided to run a search on my name. I was surprised that I got some hits. I thought it was totally the surprise I felt. Such a let down.

Nykaul: If 'Alara' was the Jeopardy answer, what would be the question?

Alara: Wow. Um, hehe... What is the name of the 3rd ring surrounding the 9th planet in the Gebori solar system?

Nykaul: What two items are guaranteed to be found in your fridge?

Alara: Soda pop & cheese ( those items I must have everyday).

Nykaul: If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what would they be?

Alara: Happy. Kind. Naive. (those are the ones that stand out most in my mind)

Nykaul: If you could be a fictional character, who would you be and why?

Alara: Cinderella. Because she worked and worked and worked, got no thank yous, and ended up being a princess. I want to be a princess.

Nykaul: List five things that MOST people don't know about you!

Alara: Oh god. You want all my secrets? Ok..let me think of some.

  1. That I came from a family of 7 and I have 5 sisters.
  2. I have an inter-racial marriage (and the best husband anybody could ask for).
  3. I love to scuba dive (but haven't gone on a trip yet..probably couldn't now).
  4. I have expensive tastes and a pauper's pocket book!
  5. That I wanted to be a teacher for most of my life, but never quite got there yet.
There, that isn't too damaging.

Nykaul: Any further comments, opinions, statements or advice?

Alara: I don't think so, you have covered even more than I would think of! Except maybe that I love med and hope to keep playing it for years to come. And I must have talked your ear off.

I would like to thank Alara for her honesty and openness in her answers. It was an interesting and fun interview.

If you believe you are a 'special' person that should be interviewed then email me at with the reasons why. Also, if you have a question you have always wanted to ask someone, feel free to email that question and if I ever interview that person I may include your question.


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