Medievia Mudslinger

August 17th, 2001

Hero Announcements - Collated by Maleah

You wouldn't ever guess who volunteered of his own free will to host this month's soiree for the new heroes, so I'll just tell you. Marious. Marious hosted it right there in the war room.

Let me start from the beginning. Last week when I checked my mail, I received an egg. Just a plain ordinary catacomb egg from none other than Marious. When I picked it up I could hear something shift inside. Not knowing just what to do with it, I gathered the rest of my mail along with the egg and headed back to my office. After studying it, I decided it didn't weigh enough to contain a creature, but there was definitely something inside. Well, of course I opened it and when I peered inside there was a rather odd looking scroll tied with gold ribbon.

The scroll apparently was my invitation to the party for the new heroes. What a clever idea! So anyway, a week later I made my grand entrance (as always) at the war room. The room was pretty much bare of any balloons, streamers, banners, etc. but there were several tables covered with silk tablecloths and the finest food and drink in all of Medievia. One table held a pot of imported gryphon stew, some waybread, a wedge of Trellorian goat's cheese, smoked Genesian banelar, some food created by the Gods! and a punch bowl of spiced elderberry juice. The next table held sunbaked chocolate chip cookies with gooey melted chocolate chips (courtesy of Soleil), chocolate brownies, a box of imported chocolates, sugary cookies with white frosting sprinkled in red glitter and golden pieces of caramel (the last two courtesy of Caeraela).

All of this was served in egg halves. Stylish, non? Apparently, Marious had a growing collection of cracked catacomb eggs and, not being one to let things go to waste, decided to serve everyone with bowls made from egg shells. Even the cups were made of egg halves, can you believe that? Waste not want not I always say and believe me, none of this food was going to waste. (Any comments about 'waist' gets zapped...). Everyone there was well fed to say the least.

While eyeing the last piece of caramel, I bumped into (literally) the captain of the GoOmBa Stompas, Marithar. After wiping the Genesian banelar off his armor and curious title, he invited me to sit with him. Tall, dark, and heroed.. who could resist? He led me back to a table where I was introduced to Flayith and Zelgaddis. They were in the middle of swapping dragon stories and showing scars. Apparently, Zelgaddis heroed while fighting the green dragon, Gothpygek and has the scars to prove it. If there's one thing that leaves a nasty scar, it's a dragon bite. Flayith happened to also hero while fighting a dragon. While running the dragonlair of Aniaxon the ruby dragon with the mighty Ginthrum, Flayith gained enough dragon points after slashing the beast right before it fled its lair. From what I hear, neither dragon was too happy about the turn of events.

Marithar's heroing story didn't involve dragons, but it was just as death defying. He was battling Wittermark Elves in a hurricane! Just 1450 hours and a couple of elves later, Marithar heroed in just under a year and three months. Wonder if he's single?

Congrats to all the new heroes!


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