Medievia Mudslinger

July 14th, 2001

Heroing/Re-heroing Announcements - Compiled by Maleah

Well, it's been a hectic little week for the social gatherings, let me tell you! There I was, attending the rather intimate soiree held by Pherrance of Trellor for the newly heroed, and well, you know how it is, you get get to meet the most interesting people, don't you?

I was refilling my glass with a rather acceptable vintage champagne when who should I meet but Mordius? Well, he had the most interesting tale to tell of how he managed attain Hero status once more. He was so brave - attacking those Illithids in that rather dingy Temple of Bloodstone (must have a word with Vecna's cleaning staff...).

I'm told the swamp of Thanos can be rather grubby at times - and Crixus has vouchsafed this for me. He says that he was up to his knees in filth when he struck down the last mutated mosquito. Why is it that death cults have to be so squalid? Anyhow, he realized that after a year and a half of effort he'd managed to attain the cherished rank of Hero so congratulations to him!

So I was mingling with some of the other local hoi palloi when I bumped into Talieus. Rather a charmer, I can tell you girls. You have been warned. Deeds of bravery and chivalry? Hardly, my dears - he managed to attain his Hero tag by sacrificing his own head (if you can believe it!) in his clanhall. Apparently he'd been in an unseemly brawl and had to go back and pick up the spares or something...

Talk, dark and handsome - that describes Synnock perfectly, ladies. He's just the sort of chap you'd want to bring home to meet your parents, but don't let him near the family pet, hmm? He claims to have gained his Hero status by attacking Scruff, the big meanie!

It's not just the menfolk who've been busy with their bulging muscles, some of the ladies have been rather energetic of late as well. I had a girl to girl chat with Nyte, her heroing allowed her great great grandmother (Nightshadow) to claim the rather attractive title of Legend! Congratulations to all concerned and let's keep striking blows for Girl Power!

Well, before I hit the hay and bade Pherrance farewell (wonderful chap, Pherry - throws all the best parties!) I had to spend a little time talking with Callanter. Girls? This boy ought to have a health warning as he's a fast worker, let me tell you! He reclassed from Warrior to Cleric in just thirty four hours if you can believe that. He did admit he used props - a level twenty seven reclass coin - and a cast of thousands. He's rather grateful to the Elves of Wittermark who helped him however unwillingly.

Another month, another party. Life is such a hectic whirlwind for a busy goddess and I need my sleep. Byeee!

That's all for now folks - keep your wedding, heroing and reheroing announcements coming in to me, The more info you send the more I can put up. Don't forget that I also now take Bloodline babies for a new column. Having children? Let me know about it :)

The Details

Sat, 5 May 2001 - After the most ferocious battle with an Illithid, Mordius regained hero status and his DH tag while running day2 Bloodstone with clan 67.

Sun, 12 May 2001 - After 2000 hours and a year and a half later, Crixus, reached hero status after battling the deadly mosquitoes of Thanos.

Sat, 19 May 2001 - Talieus has become Medievia's newest hero after sacrificing his own head in his clanhall. A great celebration was held at clantown 34 after this fantastic event.

Mon, 4 Jun 2001 - Scruff's dying words were, 'I shall be the mob that Synnock heros on!' as Synnock hit him with shockwave after shockwave. Sadly, Scruff lost this duel, but through his death Synnock was able to hero.

Mon, 4 June 2001 - Nyte reached HERO after 160 deaths and 692 hours of game time. Nyte's heroing makes her great great grandmother, Nightshadow one of the first few female LEGENDS. Congrats to both!

Mon, 18 Jun 2001 - Callanter reclassed from warrior to cleric in just 34 hours (with a little help from a 27 level reclass coin). Many thanks go out to the Wittermark elves that made his reheroing possible.


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