Medievia Mudslinger

April 8, 2001

Heroing/Re-heroing Announcements - Compiled by Maleah

Sat, 3 March 2001 - The Dark Herbalists would like to announce their newest hero Malik! This highly sought honor was earned after a hard-fought battle with the town crier, a battle he took on by himself to prove himself against this most fearsome of foes.

Mon, 12 March 2001 - Shadra (the Eternally Undecided) heroed atop Rose Hill, with Azaelya leading the form. They had many a rainy and happy picnic there and found the place more than fitting. And though he is now a hero to all, to Azaelya he was always a hero. Congratulations Shad!

Sun, 18 March 2001 - In the evening, 2001 after 677 hours of playing time, Nightstar became a (HERO) during a trade run to sea's end. It is of note that Nightstar became a cleric hero without reclassing, an oft unusual and rare class path.

Vyrex was originally going to hero by sacrificing his own head, but picked a fight with the wrong the wrong janitor and hero'd after the tough battle.

Darkstorm has finally heroed.. though mlr cause him to get 200mil more xp than he needed...but hey - it works.

Note: Email me your Hero and Re-Hero News!! Please remember to include your character's name and the date that the event took place in your emails. Don't be afraid to add tidbits or be creative with your announcements. If you like you can even write your own! I'll be looking forward to all of the future announcements. Send email to


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