Medievia Mudslinger

March 18, 2001

Heroing/Re-heroing Announcements - Compiled by Maleah

Monday, 1 January 2001- Arth and Vallander heroed in the City of Trellor.

Saturday, 24 February 2001-After 5 years, Xyla finally heroed around 8:30am Est.

'In Darkness lies Fear.. 'In Darkness lies Death.. 'In Darkness lies (TRUE HERO) Cyr..

Clan 69 would like to announce that our esteemed clannies Agnor and Ashyr have both Hero'ed this past month

Chimerok has achieved hero status.

Malos became a hero sending a massive shockwave into a glowing lichen and looting its eggs.

Meriath recently heroed off a centipede in the combs after 576 hours of playing time.

Making her way through the dangerous Den of the Necromancer, Belana, while in the company of close friends Avelyn and Beren and fellow clannies Xanfreid, Trohen, Coraum and Bobus, defeated Nabassu to finally become a True Hero. She has worked very hard and has been an extremely dedicated member of clan 47 over these last few months. Congratulations Bel, you deserve it.

Ogamamn heroed by killing the mob that first killed him... Scruff.

Alderan has reheroed for the 7th time, this time being his first mage.

Note: Email me your Hero and Re-Hero News!! Please remember to include your character's name and the date that the event took place in your emails. Don't be afraid to add tidbits or be creative with your announcements. If you like you can even write your own! I'll be looking forward to all of the future announcements. Send email to


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