Medievia Mudslinger

December 27, 1999

Medievian Haiku - By Rapscallion

Haiku, for those not familiar with the term, is a Japanese Poetical form where the poet has to follow certain strict rules. The poem must be three lines long and must have seveteen syllables total with the first line having five, the second seven and the last five again. Rhyming is not obligatory but, despite this, Rapscallion has decided to show off again and come up with a few pieces of Medievian Haiku of his own. Apparantly Haiku is also supposed to mention the season as well, but you can't have everything.

Echoes from Hero
Eggs looted from backstabbed mob
Wind smashes them all

Dagger sharp as death
Triple plunge so sweet to see
P K awarded

Clan loan payment due
Player refuse the trade run
Clanremove then used

Blood does smear the hands
Murdered foe seeks just vengeance
Killer being tracked

Glowing beam of light
Heals the wounds and succours soul
Am resurrected

Slap and Tickle typed
Medlink full of minor japes
Socials are such fun

Multi taunts Newbie
Utters vile oaths so loudly
Freezing ice applied

Birds flock to the sky
Green orbs used for protection
Mob Faction soon dead

Sneak in Med City
Scruff utters no final yelp
Backstab works full well

Banelar on road
Colour Spray flies round wildly
Trade run paused to cure

Avatar gives aid
Selfless action from mighty
Newbie not grateful

Double X P day
Mobs slain till cock gives loud crow
Players seek soft beds

Winds heard from afar
Clever Heroes link for life
Tornado kills all

Rain falls from above
Lightning flickers short forked death
Mobs frying tonight

Lag of six seconds
Enter not the C P K
Bad routing tonight

Trade catastrophe
Formations go to profit
Asteroids flatten

Medlink songs sung loud
Chorus deafens linked Hero
A F K disturbed

Mephit dagger gleams
Three plunges makes for hot pain
Mage Fireshielded

Dragon Crystal found
Offered at ancient fountain
Practices received

Quill dips in inkpot
Brow furrowed in endless thought
Competition done

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