Medievia Mudslinger

April 8, 2001

Gothpakgok's Obituary: The Death of a Legend - By Roirdei

Today, the 12th Day of the Month of the Goddess' Death, one of the greatest Dragons the lands of Medievia have ever seen was brutally put to death, in his 471st day of existence. A huge group of 70 hero and non-hero Dragon Hunters, led among others by Urimar and Danitak, launched an attack upon Gothpakgok, the Gold Dragon, in its 3rd lair, which incidentally proved to be its last.

Faced with an assault of such magnitude, the beast had no choice but to flee its lair, seeking revenge upon the hapless denizens of Circle of Power Clan Town. The group of hunters, transcending old clan and town rivalries, methodically tracked down Gothpakgok and ruthlessly sent wave upon wave of attackers at him, until one final Shockwave, cast by Agria, sent the creature into eternal slumber.

After having taken their share of the Dragon's hide (10 pieces each), the brave Dragon Hunters, perhaps a bit over-zealous due to their surprisingly easy victory over the monster, decided to see how far their luck would take them and promptly set off for the lair of Zeksagmak, the Ruby Dragon and most fearsome creature to have ever walked the land.

While the first carrion crows started to peck at Gothpakgok's abandoned carcass, the hunters waited patiently as a bit of divine intervention cleared up a rather suspicious rock build-up blocking the entrance to the Ruby Dragon's lair. Perhaps this should have been seen as an omen, for, after an arduous descent, the 100 participants in the attack were mercilessly slaughtered by the lair's owner, his Ruby Dragon's breath and mighty tail bringing their lives to a sudden halt.

Thus ended Gothpakgok's illustrious career in Medievia, with 481 Player Kills and over 1 million hit points of damage dealt. Although he is still far behind Zeksagmak (who incidentally achieved with the recent attack a score of over 2000 PKs), it is somewhat sad to note that only in death did Gothpakgok finally attain an equal number of lairs as his ruby-skinned rival.

Funeral services will not be held as no volunteers could be found to dig a grave big enough for the massive corpse or to serve as casket- bearers, but a special mass will be held at Gothpakgok's final resting place so that those who fell victim to the beast over the years may pray, reminisce, and gloat.

-Roirdei, Special 'Slinger Correspondent


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