Medievia Mudslinger

February 3, 2001

A Letter From Gothpakgok - By Seurat

In my many days on Medievia, I have seen a wonderful mixture of disturbing things, but none have disturbed me as much as the letter I received from an old friend not too long ago. Enclosed below is the entire content of said letter.

My Dear Friend Seurat,

I have come to believe that the entire land of Medievia stands to prejudice. Recently, Zeksagmak and I were at a poker game being hosted by a newcomer, Thakkekmyr (who sadly died a few days later due to being hunted on an empty stomach). Anyway, Zek was rattling on about how wonderful the people of Medievia were, how they treated him so well on his birthday. People wrote works of fiction, poetry and prose, and the local paper (dubbed the Mudslinger) did a full layout for him in his honor.

What I want to know is: where were all these lovely people when I celebrated MY birthday? I didn't even get so much as a card from Vryce, no pat on the back from anyone. This has been bothering me for some time now. Why is it that Zek got this wonderful birthday bash and I got the shaft? I'll tell you why. The reason behind it is prejudice. Zek is a "ruby" dragon, where as I am a "gold" dragon. The people of this land ignored me on the most important day of the year for me because of the color of my skin. It pains me to think that after Medievia has evolved as much as it has, simple prejudice still exists. Where was my cake? I'll tell you where. It was silently devoured by the group of humans that attempted to kill me that day. On my own birthday, for Vryce's sake! How can anyone stand for such outrage, much less I, the great Gothpakgok? It pains me greatly that I should have to even write this letter, for even you forsook me on my birthday old friend. I at least had the common decency to send you a card on yours. Birthdays are supposed to be a happy occasion, but mine saw little more than pain and self pity.

Lastly, I ask you for a favor. Could you get a party of humans together to come and end my life? I do not wish to continue living in this decrepit world where people celebrate your life base solely on the color of your scales. I promise you I won't put up much of a fight.


Gothpakgok, the Great Golden Dragon.


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