Medievia Mudslinger

December 12, 1999

Forming for Experience (or "Darn, we keep dying, How do we do it right?") - By Daymaar

There are two sections to this article, How to lead and how to follow.

How to Lead an XP form.

The main requirements for leading an xp form in Medievia is not a high level, or the most elite equiptment in the game. They are knowledge and attention to detail.

KNOW THE ZONE - To succesfully lead an XP form thorough a zone, you MUST know it like you know the back of your hand. This entails knowing not only the layout of the zone, but what keys go to where, the levels and abilities of the mobs in the zone, which mobs are aggressive, which can see invis (and which can't) and what the closest recall point around the zone is. And remember you dont need to cap on each kill - big kills for 1 mil xp every 10 mins doesnt compare to 20 kills at 100k a piece in 10 mins.

KNOW YOUR FORM - You may be the best Warrior in the game, but if you aren't at least familiar with the other classes you will have no clue on how to use them effectively.

The next thing to decide is where to place these would-be levelers. First, decide who tanks (that is - stays in the front of the formation). While you can put whoever in front, see who dies, and who doesn't - this does not lead to a happy form. Most likely, warriors and thieves to the front, mages in the center and clerics in the back. While this standard form strategy usually works, subtle variations may be in order, especialy if you are dealing with multi-class form members (I'm leaving mention of Heroes out of this article, because if they dont know by now...). If you are dealing with mostly evil mobs, perhaps that good-aligned cleric with the parry skill (and protection from evil, ie double sanc) would be a better choice for tank.

PAY ATTENTION! - know when your spellcasters are low on mana, know when the sancs are going down, know where you are in the zone, know who is blind and who is cursed - a warrior that cant wield his weapon cant parry, ie KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING. Let everyone in the form what they are supposed to be doing. Make sure the cleric know who they are supposed to be healing, which mage shields the rooms, which mage uses invisibility, when warriors should bash as opposed to kick or charge, and when/if thieves are supposed to backstab. You make the decisions, because you are ultimately responsible of the survival and sucess of your party.

How to exist in an XP form.

First off, you must follow directions. It may sound trite, but you DID type fol (leader) .. continue to do so. Heal who you are supposed to heal, bash who you are supposed to bash, Backstab who you are told to backstab and do it with a smile. If you only have 10 mins left to be on, let the leader know, dont just say gotta go, and leave, give them time to perpare.

On another note, be entertaining - for the most part, xping is boring! Liven it up! BUT - pay attention and don't be disruptive. If you must be AFK (away from keyboard) let the formation leader know. There is nothing more annoying to a formation leader than you be on the other side of a one person corridor waiting for the one person to follow, not knowing that they are away from keyboard.

Some General points.