Medievia Mudslinger

August 15, 2000

Following in Formation - by Amaziah

The Very Basics:

I suppose I should start by giving the very basics of forming. A formation consists of two or more people who all follow the form leader. To follow someone you simply type follow, then his or her name. For example, to follow me you would have to be in the same room as me, and type "follow Amaziah". I'd then be asked whether I want to allow you to follow me to which I respond yes or no. Whenever the leader moves in a direction, the entire form will follow. Why would you want to form? The first noticeable effect is that the experience gained by killing something is split throughout the entire form, and the experience gained also increases. When fighting in a formation the people in the front row will get hit a lot while the people in the back row won't get hit much at all ("form" and "formtest" are useful command to check the layout of the formation). A formation is also more balanced than lots of people walking around solo as the differing abilities of each class complement each other. Warriors and thieves can concentrate on hitting things and mages can concentrate on casting without having to worry about their hitpoints much because the clerics in the form can heal them (A flag at the start of your prompt will tell you who in the formation is the most damaged so the cleric will know whom to heal).

Forming up is also more interesting than walking around by yourself the entire time. It allows you to go to new places that you would have died in very quickly if you tried to go there by yourself. In addition, if you are formed with high-level clerics, they will be able to resurrect you and bring you back to life if you die.

Form Members:

The key to a successful form is in the members of it. If the members all know exactly what to do then the form should do quite well. If nobody is quite sure what is expected of them and the other members, the results will be rather chaotic and the form will either get killed off, or will run intolerably slowly. Most of the guidelines I've outlined here are already done in most high- level forms with most of it being worked out informally as the form progresses. The outlines I've given place a large responsibility on the form leader to know what's going on, and mostly involve asking the form leader before you do something that in some cases could be fatal to the form.


Tanks (the people in the front row who take all the damage)


Specific classes






Most of the advice is for xp, trading and equipment forms. If pking, the role of each member of the form is different (and if CPKing you usually aren't formed and will probably know what do to anyway).