Medievia Mudslinger
February 9, 1999

How Do I Find A Clan? (for lvls 15+) By Remn

So, you just graduated from newbie clan? Or did you get kicked out of a clan? Well, here is a few tips on how to find a good clan.
  1. Active Clans
    Do you want a clan where you are just the only one who ever plays? If not, you need to do a little surfing. Type clanwho to see who is on. Also, use the showclan to find out how many members are on. For starters, try finding a clan with at LEAST 5 players on at a time, and with people about your level. Also, ask some members if they do stuff or sit around and do nothing all day. The main key to having a good clan is to have players that are active, friendly, and willing to help.
  2. Finding A Good One
    Ok, so you found an active clan. Now, are there a range of low level people and high level people (multiclass)? It will be nice to have people your own level to form with, and high level people to give you advice. Another trait in a good clan is, are the players friendly? If they seem like nice people, then thats something to look for. Talk to the leader, is he friendly? Last thing you want is some jerk-off who is always b****in' at you. Also, ask members what the clan is like, because they can pretty much tell you if the clan is good or bad.
  3. Joining A Clan
    First of all, make sure you want this clan, and plan to stick with it. Don't be a clanhopper, because that is looked down upon when trying to join clans. So if you really want to join this clan, then you need to contact the leader or co-leader to join. Don't get some other person to enroll you, it's best to have the leader or co-leader enroll you. (Here is the part I like =)) Ok, when you talk to a clan leader, try not to make a jerk of yourself. Don't over do it, but try to make a good impression. They will probibly ask you questions concerning what kind of use you will be to the clan. Be prepared =P. Be nice and treat the people enrolling with the highest respect, even after you join, treat everyone with respect, so you will be liked.
  4. Rejection
    So you might say "omg, they rejected me!". Don't worry, it is probibly 1. you are too low level or 2. they might not seem to need another clannie. Just get higher level, and try again in the future.
  5. List of Clans
    If you are just coming out of newbie clan or have been out for a few levels, try joining these clans: 4, 11, 12, 14, 19, 27, 30, 34, 38, 42, 43, 46, 48, 51, 66, and 77.
    Some disclaimers though. I do not guarantee that you will get in these clans, some may have restrictions. Also, (to leaders reading this) I am NOT stating any of these clans as newbie clans. I am just saying that these would be good for a lowleveler looking for a clan to try and see if these clans will except them. (So don't come and jump me in an ally for dissin' your clan)
  6. List of Clans (for multiclassers and up)
    If you are at LEAST a multiclass, try some of these: 3, 13, 19, 20, 23, 25, 42, 52, 54, and 66 These are some of the toughest clans in the game. But they are known for pking and getting equipment.
Good luck to trying to find a clan, and happy MUDding!