Medievia Mudslinger

July 14, 2001

The Ballad of Sir Fieorr - By Tubloko

The Duke sat in Trellor City,
Drinking some purple wine,
"Oh where shall I find a sailor,
To sail this ship of mine?"

An elder knight silently arose,
And stood at the Duke's right knee,
"Sir Fieorr is the best captain,
To sail upon the sea."

The Duke wrote a proud letter,
And signed it with his hand,
He sent it to Sir Fieorr,
Who was walking on the sand.

Sir Fieorr traveled the great sea,
Fighting waves both night and day,
But still they followed the set course,
The Duke had planned it that way.

They came upon an island,
With a forest deep and wide,
The crew found an open cave,
Screeches echoing from inside.

"A creature dwells upon this isle,
Though terrible it may be,
It must be why the righteous Duke,
Has sent us out to sea."

Into the cave they wandered deep,
Fighting battles as they came,
Eight brave men died in the rows,
Yet none would assigned them blame.

The creature that they sought to slay,
Xanthal was the she-beast's name,
She appeared and they fought,
But to her it was a mere game.

The heated battle was long and hard,
But we held up our side,
Tubloko's sword glowed brightly,
He struck Xanthal and she died.

They took our leave of the den,
To find the beach was bare,
They were forced to call for dragons' aid,
To take them through the air.

Back to Trellor they merrily flew,
To find the Duke in the main square,
A chest of gold was their reward,
'Twas worth going through Xanthal's lair.


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