Medievia Mudslinger
June 13, 1999

40 things that can happen to you as a dedicated Medievia fanatic! -- By Vorador

  1. Consuming 2 weeks of caffeine just so you can stay awake for a entire double exp day.
  2. Playing for 76 hours straight, living on a diet of Hersheys and Pepsi while watching a Star Trek TV marathon using the reflection on your window.
  3. Attempting to actually find the Jade Monkey... with no success
  4. Making your friend across town log on to be fodder for an evil dragon.
  5. Laugh at anyone you know who rather a MUSH to a MUD (Medievia :P)
  6. Making your neighborhood listen to your profanity after loosing your freight on the last bit of a 5 hour trade run.
  7. Laugh at someone who makes a personal comment on the wrong channel, then you make the same mistake!
  8. Waste 1 million on the slots in MedLink.
  9. Ignore the thousands of starving people in 3rd World Countries as you are hungry and thirsty but do not have the ability to create food or water.
  10. You have a stroke when you find out your Frostreaver missing, then after falling down on the floor about to shrivel up and die, you remember you forgot to quaff a misty.
  11. You install SubWoofers to your computer so you can hear that "groovy sound" of Phase In.
  12. Pray and try to convince the Gods "Thou is NOT confused".
  13. Laugh at any Cleric that actually practiced the spell "Attune"
  14. Realizing "c harm me" is not good when trying to kill a Mercenary.
  15. You smash your modem as it drops out during a CPK against the best hero in the game!
  16. You scream out "THE SKY IS FALLING" when you know there is going to be a reset!
  17. Asking your girlfriend/boyfriend to refer to you as Prince/Princess (INSERT MED NAME HERE).
  18. doing a social command (e.g. Waving at the computer screen)
  19. NPKing for the first time and realizing you DO NOT get to loot the eq.
  20. Shouting "NAIL HASH" or something to that effect when a Nashite is shouting "HAIL NASH" (No offense to clan Nashite - only clan that came to mind..)
  21. Giving up a date with a really good looking person because you are currently DC hunting.
  22. Realizing you cannot be a "perfect" Warrior, Thief, Mage or Cleric without some donation item!
  23. Attempting a Mudslinger article to get that item!
  24. After being rejected by Mudslinger giving in and actually paying for the item!
  25. Trying to consistently fish beside Omawarisan!
  26. Poke Omawarisan or Baalzebul at least once, laugh and run like hell!
  27. Asking your girlfriend to dress up like Soleil!
  28. Asking your boyfriend to dress up like Vryce!
  29. Name your brand new puppy "Cuddles"
  30. The "1" key on your keyboard breaks off after constant spamming of the spell Demonfire ! ! ! ! !
  31. You mush up all of your food so you can suck it through a straw while playing Medievia
  32. You have tried and tried but still your friends do not believe you have seen a Vampire selling mirrors at night.
  33. Since you began playing Medievia you have had a MASSIVE fear of being stung by huge swarms of wasps
  34. You get a personalized numberplate for your car and it reads "I CPK NEWBIES"
  35. You are foolish enough to trust what Omawarisan says!
  36. Saying to your formation, "Its only 1 SpellCaster"....
  37. Getting a passer by to Resurrect you because of that 1 Spell Caster!
  38. Setting up triggers that make you "Unstoppable" then going into a battle and remembering you forgot to put a ; in it!
  39. You feel smug around all your friends because you wield Frostreaver and they only wield Anarchist!
  40. Make the neighbor hear your profanity again as you were killed and lost your slippery bucket!