Medievia Mudslinger

January 17, 2000

Evil's Masterpiece - By Laiser

The Jester will so often tell
A tale to amuse his king.
And this one begins in Bloodstone,
Where freedom will never ring.

Vecna sat in his lair of hate
Hatching and plotting his newest scheme
To bring a creature of terrible fate,
To the sunlit world to reign supreme.

An evil idea sprang into his mind
And he jumped straight to his work,
A giant lizard he designed
And added wings, just for a quirk.

Drago, as that was his name
Rose with a tremendous growl
And so he flew to the mortal plane
Snarling as he went on the prowl.

Hatred seemed to fill the air
As Drago hunted his prey
Some townsfolk remained unaware,
And with him their death did lay.

Those who knew of his wrath,
Chose wisely to stay a distance away.
They kept away from his path,
For they did not want him heading their way.

Meanwhile Vecna remained in his lair,
Laughing with horrible glee.
He would watch as his dragon would roam,
And go on it's killing spree.