Medievia Mudslinger
March 7, 1999

The Legend of Dreniak --by Lencil

Deep within the depths of Medievia, lurked a man of evil, who would one day break free, and wreak havoc on the citizens of the realm. Many years ago, a man named Dreniak ruled one of the most powerful forces in Medievia, the ocarina of Darkness. With this ocarina, he had the power to take over the lands. A group of Medievia's greatest heroes challenged his power. A bloody war filled the lands of Medievia for years, and in the end, Dreniak's forces had been defeated for their evil deeds. As a punishment, the heroes of the realm banned Dreniak to an eternal life in hell. They forced him into a void to the center of the planet, and sealed the portal with the mystical powers of the immortals. Dreniak was banned, and never to be released, or so they thought….

Years later, as a small group of young adventurer's were travelling along, trading goods between the now prosperous cities of the peaceful world of Medievia. As they walked they stumbled upon a large stone, in the shape of a pentagon placed over a large area of the ground. They attempted to lift it off, and see what they could find beneath it. They lifted with all of their might, but the slab appeared to be permanent. They conversed with each other of the importance of their finding.

"This could be the greatest discovery in the history of Medievia," said Beinlok, the sorcerer of the three, "This could be a portal through time, or even to another dimension of the realm," he said joyfully.

"Nonsense," said his companion, "There is obviously something down there the gods did not intend us to find, or they would not have sealed it so tightly. I'd say we leave it be."

"C'mon guys, lets try to break it open one last time, this could be our big break," said Bruniea, the thief of the formation of young warriors.

As they walked over toward the slab once again, and they each grabbed a corner, and started to lift. They tugged and tugged at the slab, but to no avail. They walked away and sat to rest for a couple minutes, and then stood up to try again to lift the giant stone. They planted their feet to the ground, and grabbed the edges of the stone, and pulled. The stone started to rise, but the men had used all their strength to do what they had done, and could continue no farther. They decided that they would lie down and sleep for the night, and try again in the morning.

As they arose from a good night's sleep, they noticed a group of two of Medievia's heroes had also decided to use the same spot to camp for the night. The three ambitious men waited for the heroes to awaken so they could ask if the heroes would help them with the slab. As they were about ready to go try again without the heroes, they noticed them wake, and stand up.

"Hello," said Beinlok.

"Hello," replied one of the heroes.

"We were wondering," said Beinlok, "if you would help us. Yesterday we found a stone slab we believe to be very important. We believe it is an enterance to something unknown to the world of Medievia, and we need your help to open the slab, for we are too weak to open it ourselves."

"Well," said the hero, "I guess we can help you, we have some extra time before we must be finishing our trade run to Gdangus."

They all walked toward the slab, and closely examined it. It was large, and of beautiful stone, carved with a mystical flame on the center, and beautiful etchings all around the edges. Around the flame pattern was a bunch of ancient writings, which neither of the men could find readable. They suddenly walked toward each of the five edges and got ready.

They all grabbed a corner of the slab, and tightened their grip. As the last of the men grabbed his corner, the slab began to shudder. Suddenly, the carved flame began to release a powerful light of magical power, and the men were blinded. As the men covered their eyes, the slab exploded, and waves of pitch-black flames spewed from the opening in the ground. The flames spread quickly over the area, incinerating the trees, and the men. Nothing was left but charred wilderness.

From within the depths of the recently opened portal in the ground came a Dreniak, the evil man in shining black armor. Following him came hundreds of soldiers under his command. Dreniak threw his head back and echoed the lands of Medievia with a laugh of sinister deeds. He stepped away from the portal and peered at his surroundings, and laughed. "What fools to think they could keep me locked up forever!" he said with pride.

"All of you, my loyal soldiers, I want you to search for the ocarina of Darkness, I must have it if I am to take over the lands of Medievia once again," he ordered his army of ancient soldiers.

As they received their command they ran out into the forests of Medievia in hope of finding the ocarina for their master. Slowly, one by one each of them disappeared from view, and never to return. As Dreniak watched them leave, he began to make plans for the future of Medievia, which he hoped to rule again shortly.

Back in the city of Medievia, one of the immortals sensed that Dreniak had been released, and feared for the future of the realm. He summoned Leciut, son of one of the legendary heroes of the past, to his presence. As Leciut arrived, the immortal let out a sigh, before telling Leciut of what was happening, and what he was to do about it.

"I have summoned you for a reason, Leciut," he said. "Many years back, an evil force ruled the lands of Medievia. A group of many heroes fought him for their freedom, and after a bloody war with his army, they defeated him. As a punishment, they banned Dreniak, the king of evil, and his soldiers to a life in hell, which we now call the tomb of Dreniak." He sighed. "Now, the tomb has been opened, and Dreniak has been released into our world yet again."

"I suppose that it is now my job to finish Dreniak off," said Leciut, in a cocky, yet serious voice.

"Yes," replied the immortal, "You will not be able to finish him with just your normal powers though, for he is too strong. You must capture the ocarina of Darkness, his source of power which he used to rule the lands before, and use it against him."

"Where do I find this ocarina?" Leciut asked him.

"It is deep within the tomb of Dreniak, hidden in a secret vault. You will need this, it is the ocarina of Brightness, it will start to play a beautiful, yet powerful song when used before a hidden passage. All you must do to start the song is press the ocarina to your lips."

"Very well, then," said Leciut, "I will go to save Medievia then, if I don't, who will?"

The immortal handed the ocarina of Brightness to Leciut, and before he knew it, Leciut found himself in the middle of the charred wasteland, which used to be a beautiful forest. He looked around, and saw nothing but smoke pouring into the skies, leaving it dark and gray just as the ground now was. He looked forward and saw the swirling black void, which was the enterance to the tomb. He stepped into it, and faded from existance.

As he stepped from the portal he found himself in a dark, damp dungeon

like tomb. The only source of light to be seen was a series of small torches mounted to the walls by small brass brackets. Cobwebs could be seen hanging from every corner in the whole area, and pools of slime and water filled the hardened clay floors.

Leciut started to walk through as he felt something fall onto his back. He froze, and slowly yet quietly, flicked it off and onto the floor. It was a large, black spider with a small red hourglass design on its back. Leciut took his dagger and shoved it into the body of the spider, leaving it lifeless. He then shuddered and continued to walk through the catacombs of the tomb.

As he walked through the tombs, he sensed a telepath from the immortal, and it said to him, "Now that you are in the tomb, be careful, you don't know what could be around the next corner. So that you know, look for a large, steep staircase, for it leads to the shrine of evil, which is home of the ocarina of Darkness. You will need the ocarina before you do battle with Dreniak, for if not, you will most likely die."

Leciut then continued through the catacombs, looking around each corner before continuing. As he walked up to another corner in the path, he slipped his head around partially, and noticed a guard standing in front of a dark enterance to the continuing hall. He snuck slowly around the corner and shoved his dagger deep into the back of the guard, who fell silently to the ground, dead.

Leciut looked into the enterance which the guard had been blocking, and noticed it was the staircase the immortal had spoke of. He started to walk up the stairs. As he took each of the steps slowly, he heard some small footsteps behind him. He turned his head, but saw nothing. He continued up the stairs until he got to the top, where he found himself at a dead-end.

Remembering the ocarina, he put it to his lips and a beautiful song filled the tomb, and the wall to the north began to glow. Slowly the stone wall vanished into an opening into a beautiful room. Leciut gazed around the room. It was small, and trimmed with fine gold and platinum. On the walls were small etchings of primitive pictures. He then noticed a pedistool in the middle of the room, surrounded by a shimmering magical shield. Inside the shield was the ocarina of Darkness, a small ebony ocarina with engravings all over.

Leciut placed the ocarina of Brightness against his lips and the song heard before filled the area yet again, and the shield around the ocarina began to flicker. Slowly the shield around the ocarina of Darkness faded into the pedistool, and the ocarina was now unprotected. As Leciut reached for the ocarina, he heard a voice, and turned his head.

"I must thank you, Leciut, for not only have you lead me to the ocarina of Darkness, but you have made it possible for me to take it back," said Dreniak, standing right behind Leciut.

Dreniak pushed Leciut away, and reached for the ocarina. As Dreniak placed his hand onto the pedistool, Leciut took his dagger, and slit Dreniak's wrist wide open. Dreniak let out a horrid moan as blood started to pour from the wound. Dreniak then chanted some words and threw a shockwave hard into the chest of Leciut, dropping him to the ground. Dreniak then made another run for the ocarina. As he reached it, Leciut plunged his dagger into Dreniak's back, and blood started to pour from Dreniak's mouth. Dreniak fell to the ground, but not for good. Leciut ran and grabbed the ocarina of Darkness. He held it to his lips and a song of deep, low pitched sounds filled the room. A swirling black aura surrounded Leciut. As Dreniak got up and ran towards Leciut, Leciut held his hands toward Dreniak, and the black aura flew into Dreniak's body, burning it, and leaving only a small pile of ash on the floor.

Suddenly, Leciut felt himself lift into the air, and then found himself in the home of the immortal. "Congratulations, Leciut, you did great," said the immortal in approval of Leciut's deed. "You have saved Medievia from once again falling into the control of Dreniak. The other immortals and I are very grateful to you."

"Thank you," said Leciut.

"Now, I must ask that you return to me the ocarinas. I must store them away, where they will never again fall into the hands of the wrong person," demanded the immortal.

Leciut handed the ocarinas to him, and as quickly as he found himself in the home, he found himself out of it. He now stood back in the city of Medievia. The town seemed as if nothing had happened to it at all. Leciut walked off, and thought nothing more of this quest, and never told a soul about it. Even still, they say that far off in the wilderness of Medievia, that the soldiers of Dreniak have returned to the tomb, and that the spirit of Dreniak still lurks, hunting for the ocarina that he will never have. The End