Medievia Mudslinger

September 1, 2000

Song of the Dragon - by Drexion

The mortals came - they came in numbers,
With fire and spears in hope to plunder,
Their expectations so high, greed on their faces,
Knowing their fate would have them in distant places.

I need no traps nor plans nor tools,
My wits not needed for these fools,
My strength and power are all that I will need,
I am a dragon and on them I will feed!

The battle starts - they are on the go,
I toy with them - they know not their foe,
They hit hard but 'tis slight damage to me,
I easily stop their attempts to flee.

I think them brave, in this their dark hour,
Who dare face one many times their power,
One by one I make of them a meal,
My cuts and bruises will quickly heal.

The fight now done - I cackle gleefully,
For gold and equipment they leave with me,
Additions to my now massive hoard,
Of gold and artifacts I have stored.

Now I rest and think of what has fallen,
I lie on the treasures I have stolen,
The night I wait and sleep again,
For I will have my vengeance then!

I dream of gold and gold and gold,
Of course all mine - is that so bold ?
For I will loot and destroy all the same,
The cities from which my attackers came!

Of my fellow dragons I will not ask aid,
For I want all of the profits to be made!
Their towns and villages will burn and rot,
All part of my deeds to come - this I plot.

I awaken and the night air is here,
Tis' time to show the closest village fear,
I leave my hidden lair and my precious gold,
To wreak havoc and create stories untold.

They scream and they shout and run with fear,
To try to escape - their death so near,
Too easy it seems this task was for me,
The village burned but I was not in glee.

For there was no real valuable gain,
I want plenty of treasures for my pain!
So to another place I must go,
I shall have my treasure, friend or foe.

I take to the air with speed so great,
To find more mortals whom I so hate,
I spy a town not many miles away,
For my wrath and vengeance this town shall pay.

Before I arrive I hear them shout,
They must have had guards on the lookout,
As I near , I spy with my flawless sight,
They scramble and rush - to put up a fight?

I breathe fire on this night so cold,
But they don't run these men so bold,
Their arrows and spears they use on me,
These tools merely sting - do they not see?

As time flies by, I killed more than a few,
But they keep on coming with strength anew,
Not one by one but ten by ten,
I killed them off these here brave men.

But then I felt a stab so great,
The pain feels like it seals my fate,
An arrow found it's true mark on by breast,
My weakest point it has chosen to test.

My wrath and anger now ten times as great,
A stupid man runs towards me in hate,
Too late I discover he is but their bait,
As great magic blinds me, increasing my hate.

I see endless darkness and the pain only grows,
As they wound me greatly with their weapons these foes,
I panic and in haste I decide to flee,
In my weakened state retreat is best for me.

My vision returns but is permanently blurred,
It will stay so forever for so I have heard,
From dragons so old, so smart and so wise,
Whose advice I have just proved to despise.

Now I slowly crawl into my lair,
Leaving my trails of blood everywhere,
The pain still so great and these wounds may never heal,
Inflicted by the foes from whom I failed to steal.

I now know defeat and the immense pain it brings,
I feel the humiliation within - it stings,
Regret I feel for these deeds I have done,
For they led to the fall of a great one.

In my den I lie - I can only wait,
Now not sure what will be my end - my fate,
The pain and grief and hatred is now my living hell,
I wait to die, I wait to live - only time will tell.