Medievia Mudslinger

September 26, 1999

A Dragon Lair - by Elander

There it lay before us, a great hole in the ground,
Nothing could be seen within, nor was there any sound.
To any group of travellers, this was a great relief,
Who would have suspected, what lived far down beneath?
Yet we all knew far too well, what lay far down below,
The cause of many myths, legends, and tales of great woe.
Death in the form of terrible claws, and searing hot steam,
Lurking deep in the earth below, was Segsek, the mighty green.

Both spells and weapons ready, we charged into the cave,
In no time we were met with what would daunt even the brave.
Giving off the foulest stench and seemingly oozing dread,
The knight that stood before us was no knight, but undead!
Our blades pierced it's flesh, but alas, we could not win,
For every time we struck a blow the thing would merely grin!
As it turned to me, I froze and prepared for an early grave,
When suddenly, it blew to pieces from our mage's shockwave.

Shortly beyond the foul creature, we found a passage down,
But it was filled with water, to procede would be to drown.
Yet we had come too far to so easily be turned away,
With spells of breathe water, again our mage saved the day.
Shortly after entering the dismal murky lake,
We found ourselves confronted by a seven-headed snake!
There was little trouble slaying it, although it was quite fierce,
But unlike the undead before, this our blades could pierce.

As we reached the far side of the lake, a heated tunnel was found,
And at the mouth of this new cavern was a grinning hell hound.
Yet it did not seem eager to take a great lunge at me,
After viewing out battle-ready group, it decided rather to flee!
Throwing caution to the wind we chased on after it,
But when we saw what it lead us to, I froze saying "oh sh... oot" :)
The tunnel opened up, and a huge cavern could be seen,
And there it stood before us, Segsek, the mighty green.

Up until this point, I had not feared the worst,
Slaying a dragon had seemed such a simple task at first...
But as it stood to its full height and let out a bellow of steam,
I could hardly stop myself from letting out a scream.
My comrades, on the other hand, were phased by the sight,
But they didn't hesitate to engage the fight.
Years of facing danger helped the overcome their fear,
I on the other hand, wished I was any place but here.

Weapon loose and charging forth our leader gave a cry,
One swipe from the dragon's claw and he crumpled over to die.
Fireballs and lightnings bolts came forth in a sorcerous rage,
But one shot of the dragon's breath, and poof, there went the mage.
The cleric stood staunchly, fighting with righteous zeal,
But then the wyrm's jaw descended and our priest became the first meal.
As it stood before our remaining few, and I figured we were had,
It let forth a bellowing laugh... and that's when I got mad.

It waited a bit too long, as it raised it's mighty claw,
Using all my strengh, I hurled my blade at it's maw!
A moment too late, it dodged off to the side,
My sword struck home, while it's mouth was open wide.
The beast gave a final roar, as it felt tremendous pain,
The blade had pierced the tender flesh, and went up through the brain.
So the remaing few of us, emerged with the dragon's head,
And the news spread throughout the realm - Mighty Segsek, was dead.