Medievia Mudslinger

February 3, 2001

A Dragon's Life - By Markalodidon

Most of you may think life as a dragon is very easy. We wake up, see what is lying around to eat, find only bones of adventurers and set off to plunder and plague you adventures left over. What you don't realize is the amount of training, energy and time we have to put in before we are able to do the above. Even our chances of becoming fully grown are numbered nowadays, what with all the nasty heroes coming into our lairs and killing us!

I started off as a little hatchling in Zegsameks' lair. I was fortunate to be born here, as very few adventurers are stupid enough to even try and kill my father. I was brought up amidst violent power struggles between my older siblings, who were trying to get as close to my powerful father as possible. There were always fights and blood all over the place, not to mention the incredible heat. I've no idea whose idea it was to put us youngsters in this terrible inferno, but I curse them to this day. I still have the odd scar from trundling over a steam vent!

As I grew older, I declined to participate in the power fights, as I was about the only one who realized our father really didn't care flaming breaths about us. I gradually moved farther and farther away from the rest of my siblings, mainly to get away from the heat. After many months of exploring the lair, I came upon a strange light coming from the end of the tunnel I was currently investigating. I ventured forth to find what it was. It appeared to be a portal to another world! As this was the first time I had ever seen anything but the heat-choked tunnels I had been brought up in, I was a little amazed at how boring it was. I had been told stories of grandiose castles and fortresses and magnificent soldiers on horses from the many dragons who visited our lair to pay their respects to my father (those dragons that did not bring gifts of enough value unfortunately never got to see any of these sights again, as they invariably ended up inside the cavernous stomach of my father). Instead I saw a few listless trees, and absolutely nothing else.

Puzzled by this strange new world, I lumbered back into mine. I spent the night deciding if I was ready to explore this world I had just discovered. The morning sunlight (which I was somewhat surprised by) found me preparing myself to leave the sanctuary of the lair. I pulled myself up to (what I thought was) my most majestic height and scrambled out of the opening. Now this is one of the things many of you don't realize. You think we all just spread our wings and fly away - well I tried it, and after about five yards I fell flat on my face. I was sure this wasn't the way it was supposed to be! Adding insult to my injuries were a bunch of strange creatures, who had not been there the previous day, laughing madly at me! I growled as fiercely as I could at them and fled back to the safety of my home. It was obviously going to be a while before I could fly away with any dignity.

The next day I spent practicing my take off and landings. By nightfall (another new phenomena for me) I had just about perfected it. Dawn the next day found me all ready to set off. I leaped into the air and soared around, finally finding a nice thermal to assist me in my lift. I set off, looking for somewhere I could make my new home. After three days of flying, I had seen many new sights and killed my first traveler! I finally found a nice place to make my home, on the face of a large cliff.

Now I was established, life became much more fun. I did what you all think we do all day - plunder and plague. I thought I was untouchable until the fateful day arose that I engaged in a situation beyond my abilities. I started chasing after a traveler. He fled in panic off the road, and me being foolish and young figured I had him now. In my hasty pursuit I didn't even notice the large shadow in the air above me. Suddenly a huge beast bowled me over and hopped on top of me, slashing at me with its huge claws. It was one of those pathetic friendly dragons who had responded to the traveler's plea. I was getting mauled, and even worse was the fact that the suddenly brave traveler had decided to join in the attack on me. I fled for my life, and was pursued for many a mile by the other dragon, until I finally made good my escape by diving into a large chasm. That was my first near death experience. It has been followed by many, many more since then.

Many more hunts followed - sometimes I had to flee, sometimes the prey fled too fast to track, but often enough I ate well and my meager hoard grew over time. It was my goal to become as fearsome as I could possibly be as soon as I could and I often set out to find yet more travelers to kill. This was when I learnt that not all travelers are defenseless. I saw a large group of nine of them and decided to kill them, as this would really raise my notoriety amongst the other dragons. I landed and went charging after them, breathing as much fire as I could muster and growling as fearsomely as I could. Instead of running for their lives like I expected, they turned and faced me, their swords drawn. Puzzled by this, I stopped.

Then they did something which surprised me even more - they charged at me! I reared up, ready to engage them still believing I would kill them all. It was only after this that I learnt what the special robe made of dragon hides wrapped around their armor and tunics meant. Needless to say, I ended up fleeing blindly, panic stricken. From now on I was going to be more careful who I attacked.

It was the middle of summer and once again I was to be found pursuing a traveler. During the chase I sensed another dragon. I turned and faced up to it - I had learned much about fighting and wanted to put myself to the test. Fortunately for me, it was a dragon who was young in years. I was probably slightly more powerful and experienced than him, and in the end I turned out the victor. I leaped victorious into the air and set off with his head in my claws, although the initial prey had escaped by now.

As you can see from my life's story, we evil dragons have it very tough. I have to date, very nearly, been slain more than one hundred times - although I can boast over two thousand kills of your type. I hope you appreciate the hardships we endure just so we can make your lives a misery!


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