Medievia Mudslinger

May 15, 2004

Don't Give Up! by Immolatis

The single class levels twenty-six to thirty-one are by far the most difficult levels in the game to pass. Any hero will be able to reminisce about bad experiences when trying to get past this barrier. So many times, we see promising young Medievians give up, take their ball, and go home after reaching level twenty-six. Seeing an insurmountable 230,000,000 experience points needed to level can take the drive out of the most motivated player. This is the single biggest hurdle on the way to herodom. If you're a cleric, you can't sneak or dodge, and everything constantly pounds you black and blue! If you're a thief, your opponents miss sometimes, but it's hard to fix yourself when you do get hit. Every character has a small advantage with his first class, but no matter what your choice of class was, your first class is always the hardest. Every player must keep in mind their ultimate destination. Heroing is a lofty, ambitious goal that requires months of work, but it is attainable for every player. With a little bit of dedication and encouragement, a player will get past the upper single-class levels and is put into a positive position where the title hero is theirs for the taking.

The first step to getting past the level twenty-six blues is diversification. Change your experience, and widen your horizons! It's time to move! Very often, a player will get into a rut, going to the same, known zones for experience. While it is very easy to stay with favorite, known places, zone score alone should be enough encouragement to find somewhere new to gain experience. When you move to a different zone, you can become engrossed in the story or mood of the zone, becoming energized and motivated. A new zone can lend new perspective. The other benefit of course is a new place to find equipment, perhaps finding something valuable so that your experience-gathering time is rewarded with gold as well as points. This brings up the other facet of diversification - the separation between equipment and experience zones. Players often just think, "I'll work on experience, and when I hero I'll go after equipment!" Not only does this faulty idea lead to boredom and poverty, but equipping your character can also lead to valuable experience! Many zones in Medievia feature good equipment surrounded by lots of mobs easily killed for experience. Search out the equipment, and experience will come along the way!

The next step in diversification after changing the experience versus equipment perspective is the completion of autoquests. This handy little module was created by Vryce and his team to combat a player's number one enemy ... boredom! A talented player can make more money doing autoquests than trading. In addition, experience points, and more importantly game experience are gained in their completion. Autoquests mean more than MLR's. They are a positive outlet for a stalled character. Also, completing a task may motivate the player enough to consider working hard enough to level. Finally, autoquests often help to fill in the essential backstory. In many zones, the story is told through autoquests, and a player will certainly meet new and interesting characters in each zone which may have been previously ignored.

As a player has spent the months growing in levels and experience, he or she has gained something that has actual real world application. While your character grows, you should have the opportunity to take leadership within your clan. There is no clanleader in Medievia who would object to a player's more active role in their clan. Take for example a level twenty-six player, who has been working on this level for several weeks without a significant dent in the experience requirement - that player could start to lead experience forms throughout the zones he or she has learned, often gaining valuable game experience and experience points themselves in the process. Usually such initiative is recognized by the formal clan leadership and is rewarded in kind. Don't worry if you kill your form a couple of times - experienced leaders do it all the time! The act itself of volunteering to lead is usually educational. Being involved in the direction in which your clan is heading is often its own reward.

Player killing may be a continual pastime for many players in Medievia, but for the constant experience seeker, more time is spent as the victim of such attacks, rather than as the victor. Make a concerted effort to change that. Find the best pk'er in your clan and ask for lessons! Have them take you out into the world and wipe the board with you! It'll be educational! It'll be humiliating! It'll be fun! And believe it or not, you'll learn more in those couple of hours about what you are capable of than you will believe. PK skill translates directly into experience gathering skill. Speed, situational awareness, and recovery are all essential skills in the growing player. Pk'ers are not a bane keeping you from experience; they are teachers and can teach you more than you'll ever believe. Go kill someone.

Trading - a dirty word if one's ever been written, or perhaps it's the idea behind the word, hours trudging along to receive some pittance; providing of course that you're not waylaid, killed, and robbed. The amount of experience, trading points, and general knowledge gained during trading make trading well worth the sacrifice in time. Mob factions can make trading hurt, but the experience from killing them can level even the most reticent player. Learn to value, and read the mudslinger for catastrophes. Trading is not just for heroes or upper level players - it's for everyone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I respectfully submit for your approval this idea: Medievia is not meant to be about going out and killing things repeatedly. There is a richer experience to be had! If you follow these suggestions, you'll find a more diverse, open adventure before you and still you will rise through the upper single ranks, until you too find yourself standing before a button, wondering where your path will next lead. Make your choice to be different, try new things, diversify, and soon your name will be shining across the heavens ... HERO!


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