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August 6th, 2001

Buying and Selling Donation Equipment - by Karina

Say what you will for equipment from Bloodstone, Tomb, Ely, or DemonForge, the best equipment in the game can't be found in any zone - it can only be given by the gods themselves.

For a nominal fee of 25-50 bucks, any player can own a Mystical or Magical talisman or any one of the many other items in the game. Of course, just having the donation equipment won't make you a better player and won't substitute for skills or other statistics, but it sure helps!

The most common way of getting donation equipment is, of course, by donating to the game (see HELP DONATION). However, one could also submit a piece to the Mudslinger (see HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT) or even have someone do the buying for them in exchange for something on the game.

I've known a lot of people who have bought donation equipment online - given ingame cash, eggs, or elite equipment in exchange for someone spending their real life money to give them a piece of donation eq. Most of the time, things go smoothly, the ingame items are transferred and within a week the donation item arrives. Thanks to a few dishonest people, however, I have also known of a few transactions that went sour... the med items were transferred, but the donation item never arrived and vice versa.

This is a simple guide to buying donation equipment online from sellers, and also to selling it as well as how to avoid the pitfalls that have tripped a few unfortunate people:


Buying a donation item online is an economical way of getting good equipment. Any person can attempt to buy donation equipment in this manner, no matter their level. To avoid the pitfalls of a deal gone bad, I suggest the following based on my experiences and those of people I know:

1) To find someone who is selling donation items, check the library board in the City of Medievia. You may also try asking your friends and clannies if they know of anybody - use your clanboard if clanrules permit. If possible try to make it someone you know - it will make the transaction easier in the long run rather than going through someone you've never heard of on the game.

2) Know specifically what you want. Don't ask for a deal if you don't even know what you want. For a list of all donation items type HELP DONATION on the game. If you'd like a better list of the items and what each one does, type HELP TALISMAN on the game (it will actually show you all the items). You could ask clannies what they enjoy using for other opinions, or even flip through medweb and read Arkain's review of donation equipment from a while back.

3) Know the going rates for what you want. Ask around - get estimates. If the seller wants eq or eggs in exchange for buying you a donation item, try to figure it out so you don't get a bad deal. Ask a clan elder for help. Do not ask advice outside the clan or someone you don't know It's possible that they could be working with the seller to get you to hike the price.

4) Be willing to take your time. Something worth having is worth waiting for. If you are in a hurry you are more likely to get a poor trade or talked into something you don't want. Let your buyer know that you're just looking around. Ask how many they are going to be selling or how long they are going to be doing it for. If they are in a hurry - Don't Do It. This is probably the main warning signal to look out for.

5) Know the reputation of the person who is doing the buying! Ask if they've sold before, who they sold it to and so forth. If possible, contact them and see how long it took and if there were any problems. Of course, just because someone hasn't sold before doesn't mean that they are untrustworthy.

6) It's okay to change your mind! Before the deal is witnessed and goes through, that is. No-one will hold it against you if you tactfully find a way to say you've decided to wait, or lie and say that someone sold one to you cheaper. Make sure you change your mind before the deal is witnessed or even brought up to a god, though, or your reputation as an honest deal-maker could suffer heavy blows.

7) Once you've decided to go through with the deal make sure a god witnesses it before any transaction takes place! Any honest buyer will also insist on the same. If you cant get a god right away to do the witnessing, see number 3. If you don't have a god witness the transaction, and they don't follow through on their part you are out of luck - it won't hold up with the gods so don't even try. If the buyer seems hesitant about this step do not go ahead with the deal. Even if you've known them for years, don't do it. See below for more help on contacting a god to witness a transaction.


If you have extra cash laying around, this is a great way to get ahead on the game. For 50 bucks you can conceivably get that nice elite eq you always wanted, tons of med cash, or even a huge basket of eggs. There is only one set rule in HELP WITNESSING about who can be witnessed for a deal like this - a triple classer must be sending the money in to Medievia. There are heavy consequences if you do not follow through on a deal (see below).

1) Selling donation items is easy - there's always someone who wants one. It is really helpful to a clan and to your friends if you offer it to them first, but there's occasionally someone who will want to take advantage of the relationship. Post on the med library board, post on your clanboard, let your clanleader know. Use your networking skills. "Hey, by the way, I'm selling donation equipment items - know anyone who wants one?" is going to get you plenty of responses, believe me!

2) Know the going rates of all donation items. Know what you want in exchange for what they want. Again, ask around. If they don't have the cash remember that eq and eggs are easily liquidated, just be sure you know the exchange rates for those items as well.

3) Know thy budget! The game appreciates all donations, sure, but don't get so swamped with offers that you can't afford your next ISP payment! Know when to say when, and also remember you can only have one transaction pending at a time (see below.) No-one will hold it against you for saying, "I'm sorry I'm all done selling, but I'll write your name down for next time!"

4) Be willing to take your time with a deal. You are spending real money in exchange for ingame items. Be sure you don't get bamboozled. Anyone who wants it now now now is possibly trying to snow you. You're going to get plenty of offers, anyway, go ahead and shop around for a good buyer!

5) Know the reputation of the person who is buying. Are they someone who is going to complain if it doesn't arrive tomorrow? Are they someone who is going to back out at the last minute? Do they have the goods ready to exchange for the donation item? This is why it's so much easier to sell to friends or clannies - you know them better than a random person who links you because of your post.

6) Just like buyers, it's okay for sellers to change their minds, but again make sure you do it before the deal is witnessed! Work the details through as much as you can before it gets witnessed, if you don't like them and the buyer isn't willing to work with it it's all right to tactfully say that you're not comfortable doing it just then, or that you were wrong about your finances. Be careful here, though, your reputation is at stake more than the buyer's!

7) Insist on getting a god to witness! You're an honest person, you want to make sure the buyer knows it and is willing to play fair as well. See below for more help on contacting a god to witness a transaction.


Witnessing is the most important part of the donation deal. This is where a god confirms and records the transaction taking place. You can type HELP WITNESSING on the game for full details.

Any god level 132 (level 33) and up can witness a transaction. To see what gods are on at the time that can do this - simply type who 33+. Getting a god can be tricky, especially at off peak times, but it is so worthwhile. Remember, in doing this, that gods are busy people who are here to help - be polite and they will return the compliment.

If there are gods on your 33+ list who are not afk, you can either telepath them privately about the deal or, if this fails, use pray sparingly. Customer Service gods are most likely to respond. To see who these are look on WIZLIST. Make sure only one - either the buyer or the seller does the contacting so the gods aren't double spammed. Simply ask if anyone is available to witness a donation transaction.

What will happen next varies slightly from god to god. The god will either come into the room (some insist on both parties being in the same room - medlink is often used for this) or witness the transaction via telepaths. All gods follow the same procedure for the actual witnessing, however. S/he will ask what is being exchanged and the dates on which they are to be sent. They must know what payment method is to be used. The donation money must be promised to arrive at the donation address (HELP DONATION) within a month. The ingame items (cash, equipment, eggs etc) should be exchanged right away at the time of the witnessing and not before the god says so - they need to be able to verify the deal. All gods will then record the transaction in your playerfile - please allow them time to complete the notations and say they are finished before you leave the area. If you do not follow through on a transaction you will be purged - hence my warning that you are sure about the deal before you contact a god! There is no reimbursement whatsoever - only punishment.

If you have already made a deal, please give it at least a week to go through - even if you use paypal! You may only have one transaction pending at any one time. All donation deals must be completed before any others are started. If, after the previously agreed-upon date, your donation item hasn't arrived, you can email Soleil at to inquire about its status. Don't whine, don't spam, and don't send one email per day or bug one god per day until you get it - that may affect your ability to buy or sell in the future.


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