Medievia Mudslinger

April 8, 2001

Medievia Degree - By Mordius

A few of the papers offered for a Degree in Medievia.

This bachelors degree is offered at the University of Trellor, Medievia.

This degree is designed to improve your knowledge of Medievia. This degree does not have a set time limit for completion. Some people learn it all in the space of a year or two, some people are still learning it after four years or more. This degree is open to any adventurer within the lands of Medievia.

Introductory Papers -

MED 101 Introduction to Medievia - How not to die by janitors.
MED 102 Spam - How to deal with 129 things at once.
MED 103 What to do with the millions Vryce gave you.
MED 104 How to get out the maze called Medievia City.
MED 105 How to become a link rat.
MED 106 Why that guy keeps yelling "FACE" at you, after you looked at the mob that he said had a Dragon Crystal.
MED 107 How to make millions by selling flowers.
MED 108 Why Medievia is better than real life.
MED 109 Socials - How to make a fool of yourself.
MED 110 Bloodhunting - How to really ruin someone's day.
MED 111 Trading - The art of spending hours to make nothing.
MED 112 Auction - How to find out you paid too much for your equipment.
MED 113 Dragon Lairs - Why even newbies can run lairs with the right connections.

Intermediate Papers -

MED 201 Dragon Lairs - Why not to corpse at the dragon if you want hide.
MED 202 Why even heroes forget recall potions when reclassing/multing.
MED 250 How to Chaotic Player Kill wearing goon equipment.
MED 251 CPK - What to do when 20 players suddenly show up on your who -z.
MED 252 How to Chaotic Player Kill someone wearing goon equipment.
MED 253 CPK - How to lose the best equipment in Medievia.
MED 260 The art of fishing for profit.
MED 261 Herobattles - How to show everyone how bad a player killer you are.
MED 262 Egging - Reasons not to egg base equipment.

Advanced Papers -

MED 301 The art of sending gods gifts.
MED 302 How to bank yourself.
MED 303 Advanced Medievia - How not to die by janitors.
MED 304 Legend - How to feel really old.

Once you have your bachelors degree you can take these advanced papers for further education.

GOD 501 Deadlines - The art of smoke and mirrors.
GOD 601 How to get out of the Tutorial.
GOD 602 Why classes really don't matter anymore.
GOD 603 Quests - The fun of player killing clannies.


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