Medievia Mudslinger

December 28, 2002


"Mank? Are you certain you checked the mailbox?"


"Check it again!"

The imp chittered briefly before scampering off as fast as his talons could carry him. Within seconds, he was back bearing a scrap of parchment. He held it aloft before stepping back apprehensively.

Excrucior perused the parchment glumly. The News had gone out for Christmas themed articles some time ago but nothing had happened. Every day the impscame back from the mailbox with ordinary stories and guides.

Now this one was promising. It had some of the right ingredients. Who was it by?

Excrucior blanched. Not him again!

Once again the season is upon us and we have another edition of the Mudslinger. Within these pages you will find...



Happy reading :)

The Mudslinger Staff


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