Medievia Mudslinger
July 26, 1999

The Difference Between Day and Night - By Nakosa

"Oh my God!" was the thought that ran through my head as I laid eyes on the horrific form that was the werewolf. Hearing my footfalls, it turned it's gruseome head towards me and snarled, revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth that I'm sure it would have loved to sink into my flesh. As it lunged at me, time seemed to nearly stop as I saw its powerful legs pushing backwards, its muscular arms and sharp claws tearing at the air in front of me, trying to find flesh to rip and tear at.

I suddenly broke free of my trance and unsheathed my sword. I parried it's lunging stab at my throat and rebounded with a kick to its chest that sent it crashing to the ground. I swung my sword at its chest, but only managed to clip an ear as the monster hopped right up and opened a gash in my chest. I staggered back, but only after bashing the monster down. I quickly quaffed a green potion I had resting in my belt and the wound sizzled and healed. I then brought my sword down straight through its skull, laying the evil monster to rest.

As I sheathed my sword once again, I noticed a familiar face standing in front of me. It was the man who had brought me into my clan, The Immortals, and one whom I have deep feelings for, Inukami. He smiled brightly at me and we embraced.

"What are you doing here young lady?" he asked with a smile.

God I hate it when he calls me that. "Just trying to rid the land of evil. You know, thewhole warrior thing."

"Care for some assistance?"

Boy did I!! Inukami was a level 26 cleric, and as such, a warrior's best friend. I asked him to follow, and soon we were formed and ready to kick some serious monster butt! As we wandered the streets of De'Rah, we happened upon a banshee. Inukami quickly recited the words, "Vas Sanct Ort" and a glowing white aura surrounded my body and seemed to fade into me. I suddenly felt as if I could take much more damage. I screamed and charged straight at the banshee, charging it into the ground. As I hopped up, Inukami followed up by conjuring up the Hammer of Faith and devestating the banshee with it. The banshee had taken a massive amount of damage in a small amount of time, so she slowly rose to her feet. I slashed accross her chest, opening a very large, very bloody wound. She lashed out at me, but I parried her attack with my sword and twirled around, slicing open another gash in her, this time in the lower abdomen. Inukami laid his hands on the banshee and I watched her melt to nothing in his magical grasp.

"Well, that was invigorating. A rather easy kill so quickly," I said.

"Yeah. But it'll get harder deary. I can see you haven't been here during the night hours."

And he was right. I had never dared to enter the town at night, as the monsters were said to grow increasingly more powerful with the glow of the moon. But as the thoughts finished in my mind, the streets suddenly grew dark and I swiftly turned to see the sun had set and the duck hours were upon us. I felt a cold shiver in my spine as I heard a loud howl seemingly emitting from nowhere. Inukami turned to me and told me to always be on my guard until the light of day.

I soon found out how wise those words truly were.

No sooner had I unsheathed my sword and readied another green potion, in case of emergency, I heard a set of footfalls behind me. I quickly turned to see not one, not two, but three werewolves staring at Inukami and I with glowing red eyes. The largest of the three, presumeably the leader, let out another loud howl and the two at his flanks sprung forward to attack us. Had I not had my sword out, I would have been the dinner for these three. But, having heeded Inukami's warning, I did have my sword ready and one of the beasts foolishly impaled itself on my raised blade. The impact from its lunge knocked me off my feet and I cracked my head, hard. I braced my feet against the carcass of the werewolf and kicked it off my blade. I hopped to my feet, only to be met with a claw to the face by the other werewolf that had sprung at us. I felt my cheek flapping as the blood poured down my side. Angrily, I kicked the monster right between the legs, hoping to the gods that it was a male werewolf. The fates had smiled upon me as I saw the werewolf drop to one knee, clutching his manhood. I thanked myself I was not like that as I kicked him in the jaw, sending him flying back into a nearby wall. I felt amazingly better all of a sudden and the blood on my clothes seemed to disappear. Then I remembered that Inukami was flanking me and had healed me right up.

"Thanks for the assist."

He shook his head. "Don't thank me yet. We still have to take out the leader."

Almost as if on cue, the leader charged at me and kicked me in the mouth, resulting in a lot of blod and a few loose teeth. I marveled at how much strength the creatures had gained from the glow of the moon as I dropped to one knee, my jaw definetly broken. The werewolf sized me up for the kill, but Inukami knocked the wolf back with the Hammer of Faith, once again conjured up by the powerful cleric. I took this opportunity to quaff my green potion, feeling my jaw mend even as I rose to my feet. The werewolf slashed at me, but I parried swiftly with my sword while kicking him in the gut. I used that opporunity to bash him to the ground with my sword handle. Inukami raised his club up and cracked the monster's skull on the hard cobblestones.

"By the Gods! I didn't think anything, save a dragon, was that powerful."

"That's why very few people venture here at night. Even I am wary when here alone."

That's when I felt the pain. Horrible slashes down my back that caused me to fall into a dead faint, right into Inukami's arms. I looked back and saw the werewolf I kicked into the wall laughing at me while I quickly bled to death. Inukami growled and threw himself into the werewolf, catching the beast off guard. I don't exactly recall what happened after that, but I do remember an extreme cold coming over me and hearing a death scream. Whose, I do not know. My last consious thought was not to ever venture to this place again.

Life filled my body as I gasped deeply, surprised to still be breathing at all. I looked up and saw Inukami holding the legendary Heartstone above his head and linking hands with another warrior that had heard my death scream. I looked at them, both weakened from the life giving that had taken place. I hugged them and told Inukami that I was ready to leave. He nodded and then proceeded to heal himself and the warrior who had assisted him. After a long period of time, both of us were at full strength and ready to leave. I focused in the sky and summoned a dragon to take me back to my home, the City of Medievia.

~Where dost thy wish to fly?~

~To the City of Medievia, and quickly.~

~I shall have you there faster than the wind~

As I landed, I handed the dragon his hefty sum of gold for carrying me. I looked around and noticed a tornado coming towards the city. Thinking I could make it to the city, I broke out into a run, only to find the gates shut. As the tornado closed in, I attempted to open the gates, and after much effort, finally did.

But too late.

As I was lifted high above the town, I could see my friends looking at the sky, safely in the shielded City of Medievia. I thought to myself, I REALLY hate flying.