Medievia Mudslinger

June 11,2000

My daddy - By Yevok

I stroll along the streets at night,
I fear none as thieves run in fright,
When I'm in trouble I know who'll hear,
My dad Ephosuz is always near.

As I venture into Horneg's Keep,
Where hunting assassins hide and sneak,
They picture me with the darkest gloom,
A child born from the Legions of Doom.

I walk around with my head held high,
As people watch with a wary eye,
A single cleric with nothing to fear,
Is not a regular thing do you hear?

But once a in while those Heroes get thrills,
They think they can pass with one swift kill,
They place a dagger deep in my spine,
I cough and scream at this heinous crime!

From afar the realm my daddy flies,
The dragon hunter with blood fuelled cries,
A startling entrance makes them run and hide,
To revenge his son; they will pay with their lives.

When he searches all around,
They are nowhere to be found,
I give him a name; he nods his head,
And throughout the realm it's known they're dead.