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March 28, 2004

Behind the Scenes

The staff of Medievia often work without any player seeing just what they do. Just to shed a little light on what people do, and to give some much-needed recognition, we've put together a list of some of the recently hired and promoted members of our staff.

We have a lot of gods. Now you will see why! Listed in rank order, the highest first, you can read about them in their words.

Goddess Name: Fayla
Level: 144 (35)
Title: Director of Political Development, Programmer, Builder Training Manager, Builder Mentor, World Builder

My most recent promotion, Feb. 2004, was to level 144 as the Director of Political Development. My duties in this position are to help Vryce and Ozymandias make decisions about issues brought to our attention by the governor and mayor, code many of the changes triggered by politics, and generally oversee the governor and mayor, and the politics channel.

Before this, I received a promotion to level 142 as the Builder Training Manager. My duties there are to manage the new builder training department. We train new builders and help them get acquainted with our many building tools and writing standards.

My jobs I've had for a while:
Programmer - Code, code, code. Anything from new features like medals to new commands and bug fixes. I also code many of the special procs for new zones.
Building Mentor - Help builders with questions they may have, zone ideas, or writing advice.
World Builder - Working on Corte di Rosa (zone 544) when I have extra time, which is almost never. I did open Sceptrum Ishachi (zone 458) about a year ago.

God Name: Taeloch
Level: 136 (34)
Titles: Builder Mentor, Quest Designer, World Builder, Autoquest Contributor
Current Zone: The Forest of the Undead (working title)

Hrm. Where to start. I was hired as a World Builder during the summer of 2002 by Ikuska. She trained me and I was handed over to Nykaul who at the time, and until recently, was my Building Mentor. I wrote The Crypt of Vatos, and began my second zone which is still named The Forest of the Undead, but recently I have decided I may only keep that as a working title. As of this moment, I have completed the rooms, and I am currently working on the mobs, objects, and zonefile. I was approached by Ikuska in December of 2003 and asked if I wanted to be a Building Mentor. I accepted her offer, and was within days of becoming a mentor. At the time, my wife was pregnant with our daughter, and was having a time of it, so I decided to retire. At that time, the decision was permanent, with only small hopes that I would return. However, after my daughter was born, things eased up a bit, and I came back to Medievia. Ever since then, I have been briskly working on Zone 498. In a bizarre turn of events, two mentor positions opened up, and I spoke with Ikuska again to ask for one of the positions. After she finished laughing, she offered the position to me, and here I am.

There are four Builder Mentors, and I am the newest. They are generally a select group of individuals with a unique understanding of zonebuilding and the creativity that goes along with it. Our primary responsibility is to answer the questions of World Builders who have been assigned to our tutelage. We are also the sounding board for creative ideas, proc information, mobiles, objects, zonefiles, mapping, commands, etc etc etc. The Builder Mentor reports to Ikuska on a monthly basis the status of each builder's zone status, any problems they may have, and how they are doing in the grand scheme of things.

Also, I might mention that my other main title is Quest Designer, which as you can guess means designing quests. Until recently, the position also entailed the Quest Designers being the sole gods to run quests. We have recently hired some new Quest Assistants who run the vast majority of quests. I have written The Curse of the Demon and Invasion Quest, and have tooled around some with The Great Race, which is not selected as something that will be run. We'll just have to see.

Autoquest Contributor means that I can submit autoquests as I feel like it, but I am not held to the high standards of output that the Autoquest Writers are. I have written a few autoquests, and I plan on creating a *bunch* for my new zone, which I certainly hope people like.

God Name: Ardothica
Level: 136 (34)
Titles: Master World Builder, Autoquest Contributor, Mudslinger/MedWeb Assistant, Building Mentor, Building Trainer

I've been building for a while now and was really just focusing on that for a long time. I didn't start asking for a promotion until I got tired of being homeless ... I just wanted an office! Actually, after opening a couple zones, I thought I could be helpful in the mentoring department. So, I started bugging Ikuska. I was relentless! Finally, tired of my constant harrassment, she got back at me by giving me two positions at once. I became Excrucior's assistant and a building mentor at the same time. The extra workload and stress drove me to excessive alcohol consumption ... you could almost always find me at the Thirsty Hog in Brookhaven. It was there that I managed to win my pet ogre, Holger, in some sort of wager ... I'm a bit foggy on the details. Anyway, my long-coveted office is now completely useless. Stop by some time to see what I mean.

After mentoring for a few months, I was recently asked to become a building trainer. I've just started this position, so I haven't had time to mess anyone up too badly yet, but I'm working on it! Actually, Fayla trained me for this position, so everyone is pretty safe I think. :)

As far as upcoming projects go, I've got one zone moving toward the "working on procs and testing" stage. It's called The Tomb of D'lujik, and hopefully should provide some challenging puzzles and good eq (I'll be bribing the WOMs) for large groups of multis/heroes. I started another zone not too long ago called The Kingdom of Yrg. This zone will be meant more for solo exploration/solving by a mid-to-high-level multi or a hero.

Goddess Name: Aewen
Level: 132 (33)
Titles: Quest Assistant, World Builder

My duties are primarily as a Quest Assistant to Selthios. In that role, my job is to run quests and herobattles. I also received builder training so that I can help with the creation of new quest arenas. In time, I may submit some ideas for zones that I have been kicking around. But right now I am very excited for the opportunity to participate in the Quest Department and look forward to working with, and helping out, Selthios and Calrog in any way that I can. I have ideas for new quests that I hope will be written and implemented to provide greater variety for all the players of Medievia.

I love running quests. The players have given me a warm welcome and have been wonderfully patient when I run quests and herobattles. So far, I'm having great fun at my new job.

I have played Medievia regularly for almost five years. I look forward to using that experience to enhance the game playing environment for others.

God Name: Kimetan
Level: 128 (32)
Titles: AutoQuest Writer (AQW), Mudslinger/MedWeb Assistant

My regular duties include actively writing AutoQuests and assisting with the Mudslinger and MedWeb as needed. Some more recent projects include writing the code for the new MedWeb Clan Pages and the Valentine's Day Messages.

The hardest part of my job has to be juggling my duties on Medievia (both mortal and immortal) and being a full-time student taking nineteen credit hours this semester! Often times it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day...

Off all the AutoQuests I've written, I'd have to say that "The Soulless Priest" is my favorite - it was my first AutoQuest, and one of the two that I included with my god-application. I think it helped me get the job!

My most anticipated moment on Medievia is getting to complete one of my AutoQuests on my mortal (yeah, it still hasn't happened).


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