Medievia Mudslinger

February 3rd, 2002

CONTEST #10! - By Rapscallion

The song below is a Medievia-themed song written by Rapscallion. He has withheld the title to propose a competition. He dares you to find the name and singer of the original song, the one the song below is based on. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing to take place on Sunday, February 10th. The prize for completing this task is ONE MILLION GOLD!! Rapscallion will take all entries at Please include your Medievian name as well as "Competition Entry" as your Subject. To enter the drawing, the answer must contain both the original title and the name of the author. Do not Mudmail him entries, and do not send any entries to Soleil!

I was a double class deep in the combs chasing eggs that hum,
It was in the days when MLR was new.
I tried to tick but forgot the girl beating on her drum,
And I found that through the combs I flew.
Just then I heard a trap snap and I scanned around in fear
And I hid in the shadows with cautious gait.
And then a big hero, an avatar with pristine gear
Sneaked up to me and said, "Wait-ait-ait."

He formed right up with me and took his place in front.
"I'll get for you the eggs that you crave.
If the banshees want to kill you then they'll have to deal with me."
I said, "Hey, that's so cool!"
I told him my clan and asked what gives,
And he said, "I'm down here hunting Metamorph."

Whoa -oh-oh-oh Metamorph,
He is never quite the class you thought.
Whoa -oh-oh-oh Metamorph,
I quailed in fear as I watched just what we fought.

We ran through caves and looted mobs as I filled up all my bags,
And I wondered how the mobbies missed my friend.
'Cause he seemed to parry and dodge them all
As if they weren't there.
And as we hit a Caveray we looked around and grinned
As it was near the waterfall where the Meta had his lair.
And we ticked right up and waded in and found he was hell.
Then a centipede with my scent came from the side tunnel
And that Avatar he just fled it with a spell.

Whoa -oh-oh-oh Metamorph,
He is never quite the class you thought.
Whoa -oh-oh-oh Metamorph,
I quailed in fear as I watched just what we fought.

I figured there was something odd about it
'Cause when I bashed he shimmered and kicked me back
Straight into the wall!
Yet my friend he bore it all and healed me back up full
And looted the corpse the thing left behind.
He cast a spell and took me to
The Castle where I could fill my eggs, but he left without a sound.
And when I chatted to my clan clan I told them about my haul,
And the time I helped to kill the Metamorph.

When I said the name my leader blinked
And he summoned me to recall
He led me to the donation room with great sighs.
He said, "This here is your friend.
The low level guy looking for gear since he reclassed
And he only just got back from Mount Vryce.
But before he could he said on imm,
'I need a coin real quick,'
And that he wanted to help folks with MLR stuff.
So here use his gear, son,
He's got no use for it now."
And I whooped as I remembered when I fought the Metamorph.

Whoa -oh-oh-oh Metamorph,
He is such a hard creature to beat.
Whoa -oh-oh-oh Metamorph,
I feel like gloating for my gear is elite!


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