Medievia Mudslinger
August 13, 1999

The other little hints about the combs - By Amaziah

By now, most of the major hints and bits of information about combing has been published by other people who were in the combs hunting around for various things (mainly eggs) well before I was. I'm not going to bore you by reiterating what has already been said, I shall just point out a few little tips that could help you.


With the introduction of clan towns, finding the entrance to the catacombs can be a very time consuming task. Especially if the combs are in an obscure room in one of the clan towns with over 100 rooms. The same applies to zones that you haven't been to much before (if at all). There are a few little things that you can do to find where they're hiding. If they're in a clantown that's relatively small then you job is a little easier.

Earth crystals are very useful when the combs are in a relatively inaccessable location (inaccessable by a portal). For example, if the combs load in obsidian spire (as they frequently do) an earth crystal will get you there much faster than a dragon (I'm frequently one of the first three in the combs when they load at obs).

Once you are inside there are a few tips that I'd suggest: