Medievia Mudslinger
April 29, 1999

Guide To Sucessful Combing-By Remn

A problem for most people when it comes to multiclassing or getting practice points or egging equipment is getting eggs from the catacombs. Many people don't know how to comb sucessfully (walk out with more than 2 eggs). Here are some tips and advice for combing.


First off hand, if you aren't a thief or a mage, you are going to have one hell of a time in catacombs. Clerics can heal and warriors can bash and kick, but that isn't good enough to survive combs. You don't have farsee, sneak, invis., shield room, peek, etc. Also another factor is your level. If you aren't above lvl 27, you are dead. Multiclasser's should be good enough to do it at lvl 25ish, but I should warn you to have gate spell. You can comb if you don't meet these requirements, but I HIGHLY don't recommend it, because you will get slaughtered.

-Taking Caution-

When you are combing, you need to be able to live to get much done, right? First of all, if you are a thief and/or mage, ALWAYS invis/sneak after a fight. Last thing you want to do is walk into a room with 3 chimeras and 2 mind flayers without sneaking. Another thing I would recommend once you get lower into the combs, is to cast phantasmal images. If you are a unsuspecting unsneaking mage and walk into a room with a sludge mephit, the mephit will ice (kill you in one backstab) you. Images are also useful for when you fail to sneak.

-Getting To The Right Spot-

When you first walk into the combs, the first level has easy mobs and all, and some eggs, but people will come and completely cover all of level one and two very fast. So the first thing you should do is find a dream-weaver and sleep. Hopefully you will be transported way lower into the combs, and this is where you must CONSTANTLY sneak/invis. The mobs are very difficult and move in large forms, but you should be able to get a lot of eggs here if you play your cards right.

-Mobs To Kill And Ones To Avoid-

Mobs with 15 eggs are tempting to kill. But make sure you can kill that mob. Like I said before, the mobs get very hard as you go down lower. Some mobs are very easy, like sprites and lichens, and are no trouble at all. Blood weeds and bears are also very easy, they don't hit hard/often and don't have many hps. Mud Men are fairly hard hitters and have kind of a lot of hps. Vampire bats, sludge mephits, and tornado golems are hard hitting mobs, but they have very low hps. If you have lots of hps and can take a beating, then they will be no trouble. Eels are underwater mobs, they have lots of hps but don't hit hard, and shockwave will kill them fast, but have breathe water. Octopuses and black serpents have enormous amounts of hps, but they don't hit to hard, take a while to kill. Banshees and mind flayers are VERY hard, they cast and they hurt, avoid them as best you can. Maelbreths are decent hitters with decent hps, but they can kill you easily. Fire wolves are permanently fireshielded mobs, but have no hps and barely hit you. Chimeras have LOTS of hps and hit -REALLY- hard, AVOID them. Hermits are non-aggressive, and you shouldn't kill them, since they will probibly kill you. Metamorphs and white dragons are the hardest mobs in the combs. They are not aggressive, but don't try killing them without a form of heroes (no joke, I learned the hard way :)). Spiders have lots of hps, and hit kinda hard, take causion fighting them. Dragon of the Deep are fair hitters, and massive hps, if you wanna kill them, try to trap them first. Mists and blackness don't hit to hard, but have WAY to many hps to even bother with, and mists are unaffected by hits, try to avoid both (they don't have detect invis, but are aggressive).

-Traps To Avoid-

Watch out for coral rooms, the rooms with the name a room with strange shapes, or something. If you walk in with a light on or without roots, then it will shoot darts at you when you move, and its not cool, and will kill you easily. Rooms with slugs are the same way, but you are allowed to move. ONLY move, don't talk, look, examine, fight, etc., or they will tear your brain out, and it hurts a lot. How can you avoid this fate? If you have steal, then you can steal roots from the wise hermits. If not, you can try killing them, but you will probibly get smoked.

-Killing Mobs-

Ok, so now you know some things about the combs. Now how to kill mobs. Weeds and bears are easy, and you don't need to do much. Many mobs, you should probibly try to trap, since they require you to flee once or twice, and most mobs will track you down. Sludge mephits, dragon of the deep, spiders, vampire bats, tornado golems, chimeras, banshees, maelbreths, and mind flayers are some of the mobs that you most likely should trap. When you are in the lower parts of the combs, shield room before engaging in a fight with a mob. Scan/farsee and make sure the other exits are clear, or if there are mobs, make sure they can't enter the room and kick your butt while fighting the mob you already are. Take MUCH caution when you are fighting, because you don't want to wind up dead when you could have gotten way more eggs then you did get. Trust me, I have been careless in combs before and I ended up banging my head on the wall when I couldn't get back to the spot I was at.


I HIGHLY don't recommend forming in combs. You can do the first few levels for exp, but don't even THINK about going lower than that if everyone in your form can't sneak. If all of you have sneak, then forming would be fine, but other than that, no. If you are forming for eggs, then you'd have to share all your eggs and it won't be good for anyone. Getting 300 eggs with 5 people, and you get 60 eggs. But if you all split up and you know combs well, you could each get 100+ eggs, EACH. So unless your exping or looking for metamorph, don't form.

-Final Word-

Ok, so now you know enough about combs to do a run. It may take some practice and personal experiance before you can get 300 eggs every time it crashes, but you should eventually get there. Try things to, like killing tougher mobs like chimeras, just be careful and make sure you won't get your butt kicked if you do try them.