Medievia Mudslinger

December 2nd, 2001

The Good and the Bad: A Clan Leader's Perspective - By Flayith

Leader or Co, it's much the same,
Leading the mighty, average, and lame.
Hoping and praying that some day you'll see,
Your clan on top with 60 more hp.

The days go by, some good, some bad,
Some days you're happy, some days you're sad.
You log on at morning, evening, and noon,
Hoping some clannies will come on real soon.

You have many ideas, things to get done
Oh, someone else logged on, time to have fun.
I'm leading a trade run, come with me and see
I can't, sorry; I'm doing solo XP.

The frustrations too much, you're stuck in a rut,
It's over, you quit, it's time to give up.
But just then you hear, "I'm with you my friend,
"I've been there, it happens, but it's not the end."

A spark of motivation flies through your soul,
It ignites a passion to reach that clan goal.
With a new sense of purpose and so much to do,
You smile, excited as the old becomes new.

New clannies, new friends, new sources of fun,
You check the clanrank, you're making a run.
Combing, XP, trading without losing freight,
The clanrank is climbing, the clanwhere looks great.

Then one day it happens, you peer at the screen,
And soon in your eye appears a small gleam.
The Gods of Med have bestowed upon us,
The ever-elusive 1 hit point bonus.

You know from this point it will only improve,
As long as the clan can stay in the groove.
The bonus will increase to the ranks of elite,
And all the other clans will be at your feet.

You often wonder what would have been,
Had it not been for that dear special friend.
The lesson learned is to never be sad,
And stick with your clan through the good and the bad.


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