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May 15, 2004

Clan Spotlight - Outcasts of The Crypt - By Liyin

The interview took place at 10:00 pm Medievia Time, Saturday, 2nd May in the Mudslinger's Interview Room.

Liyin: Tell us about how you started on Medievia and what brought you here.

Mythion: I started playing med, freshman year of high school, back in 1997, and have been playing ever since. I've taken up to a year off, but I always come back.

Liyin: What influenced you to become a clanleader?

Mythion: I never really wanted to lead clans. I joined 22 on Valentines Day 2003 to be with its leader, Zapandra. She made me coleader for some reason, and I began enjoying it. What I like most about leading is raising new people and teaching them to play the game. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a newbie and raising them to be a hero.

Liyin: Can you give us some background on the clan?

Mythion: I founded this clan on Valentines Day 2004 in order to expand town 22, and to raise a new generation of Corpses to uphold the town's proud tradition. The clan AIMs to instill in new members the ideals that made 22 so great.

Liyin: What are these ideals?

Mythion: Honor, Valor, Chivalry - concepts which have lost meaning over time, are practiced in 82. I sometimes like to compare my clan and this town to Arthur's Camelot, a place where the members care more for each other than themselves. That's what holds us together. Even for those who have alts in power clans and other clans, this is their haven.

Liyin: Is leading a clan all that you expected it to be? Why or why not?

Mythion: Well, I've made every possible mistake when I led 22, and have learned from these mistakes. For this reason, leading doesn't require much effort on my part. I know how to inspire loyalty. I know how to keep people happy, and motivate them to continue playing.

Liyin: Following your response to the previous question, on a scale from 1 to 5 how would you rate yourself as a clan leader?

Mythion: 5. And this is not a statement of arrogance - rather it is one of confidence.

Liyin: Can you elaborate more on the confidence that you possess about the rating of 5 you gave yourself?

Mythion: A good clanleader is one who can instill in his clannies, the ideals which inspired him, and to raise them to be skilled heroes, who uphold their clan's honor to the best of their ability. I've raised countless heroes, who are best in their field in whatever they like to do. And they give me the motivation to continue to do my job.

Liyin: Do you actively seek out new clan members, do you expect them to come to you, or is it a mixture of both?

Mythion: I have a reputation for aggressive enrolling. And this might be one of my flaws. Every single player deserves the opportunity to experience the game to the fullest extent. And if a clanleader stands in the way of that, they risk having their members recruited. I am not a fan of the Medlink Clanleader: the clanleaders who leads a clan for the Prince(ss) title and sits in medlink all day. I personally spend 6-7 hours day with my clannies. Not only do I xp/trade/comb them, I also teach them important game skills, and how to be independent.

Liyin: How do you evaluate candidates for enrollment?

Mythion: Activity, and the ability to lead rather than follow are most important. But every candidate is screened to ensure that they will not cause a problem in the future. There is nothing more important to me than the calm atmosphere that we maintain, and I have zero tolerance for anyone who disrupts that.

Liyin: Can you elaborate more on the activity requirement?

Mythion: Well I like people who log in every day or every other day. The bottom line is that I need to know every clannie personally. I need to know everything about them.

Liyin: Do you tax your clan members? If so, how much and what to taxes go towards?

Mythion: Tax is optional. I request it when I really need it. But I personally make 300mil or so a month, and every penny of that goes to the clan. Clan expenses currently are building clantown rooms, and supporting them.

Liyin: How liberal are you in giving clan members various privileges?

Mythion: Clan members get privileges if I feel that they deserve them, and they prove that they can use them responsibly. Only enroll and towngame are given out. Enrollers are trained in screening new members, and towngame requesters know that requesting towngame involves being personally responsible for victory. For this reason, we rarely lose towngames.

Liyin: Your clan is rated very high in towngames. Do you do anything to encourage your clan members to participate actively and contribute in the towngames?

Mythion: No encouragement is necessary. All members of the clan welcome towngames, and do what it takes to help out.

Liyin: Tell me about the towngames that your clan particularly enjoys.

Mythion: CTF because we have won every single evenly matched game, even against towns which PK., and also because CTF takes real cohesion. Everyone realizes that they have a job to do, and everyone does it flawlessly.

Liyin: Evenly matched as in... ?

Mythion: 10 on 10, 8 on 8, or other same numbers.

Liyin: Do you ever have problems getting people to participate in CTF towngames?

Mythion: No. In fact we always have more people than necessary. And I usually have to make the tough decision.

Liyin: Tough decision?

Mythion: Only 10 can enroll (so I have to decide who can participate).

Liyin: You were the Governer of Medievia for the month of March. How did you manage the two demanding roles of being a clanleader and governor at the same time?

Mythion: It was a tough month, but being Governor gave me and 82 (which was 2 weeks old at the time) much needed publicity. I think my biggest weakness as Governor was that I could not bring myself to make a decision which adversely affected my clan and town. My loyalty to my clan came first, as it always does. Governor comes second.

Liyin: What are your most memorable events or greatest accomplishments so far with this clan?

Mythion: I can't think of a single big event, but our biggest accomplishment was enrolling the greatest possible team of clannies that any clanleader could hope to have. Every time I login to these people is memorable and significant to me.

Liyin: If your clan was disbanded today what do you think people would remember about it?

Mythion: If my clan was disbanded today, 51 clanless people would spend every second they had, and every ounce of energy to rebuild their family and their home. But hypothetically, if it were to happen, the clan would be remembered as a sanctuary for new people and experienced players alike.

Liyin: If you had to quit playing Medievia tomorrow, what do you think would happen to your clan?

Mythion: Every hero in clan is prepared for such a contingency. They are able and willing to take the reins, and maintain the clan as best they can. Having said that, I cannot imagine completely retiring from the game. My townies are as important to me as my real life friends and perhaps more. As long as there is a Cradle of Corpses Clantown, I will be there, even if not as leader, to serve the town to the best of my ability.

Liyin: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for aspiring clanleaders or co-leaders?

Mythion: Yes. Leading a clan is among the most rewarding things anyone can do on the game, but it involves hard work and sacrifice. Every aspiring clanleader should, before making the decision to build a clan, seriously consider the job - perhaps co-lead first. They should realize that the clannies that they lead are their bloodline, and should be able and willing to giving up personal enjoyment to serve these clannies as best they can.

Liyin: What made you choose your current co-leader?

Mythion: He was the clan's first native hero. He is independent, takes responsibility for clan affairs, and maintains good personal relationships with members of the clan. But perhaps the most important reason he was selected is because, if something happened to me, he is capable of taking over, and making a stable transition.

Liyin: Do you have any concluding remarks or anything else you would like to add?

Mythion: I want the readers to know that I'm far less serious in reality that I sounded in this interview. Sometimes, I switch from private player Mythion who runs around chasing girls to the serious and reserved clanleader Mythion. Not many people see the serious side of me. :)

A Note from Kimetan:

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