Medievia Mudslinger

October 21, 2000

New Clan Update for the Knights of Discipline (79) - by Maleah

All clans are being asked to work with Maleah and Casse in an effort to bring to light some details about how they operate and their values. This is the first of this new series, where Jancis - the new leader - talked to Maleah.

Maleah: Give us some background on your clan.

Jancis: We started on Monday, September 4th, 2000. Knights of Discipline (79) was created by the Lords of Discipline clan to act as a training group for new players (with the surge of newbies from the ad in PCGamer, etc). We brought two avatars, two heroes, and a multi with us from LoD, and with the blessings and kisses from all of LoD. Within a week's time, we're at almost full capacity, have gotten up to 60th place on showclan ranking and we're generally having a great time.

Maleah: What do you think makes this clan unique from other clans in Medievia?

Jancis: What makes us unique? When folks are enrolled, they understand that they WILL be working together as a family unit, and that's the way it is here. I think the main things that make us different, is that every last clannie was hand-selected into our group, for their attitude and willingness to learn about the game. Everyone supports everyone else here, in whatever ways they can.. and to me, that's one of the most important aspects of this game, to learn how to cooperate and work together to make the game more fun.

Maleah: What does your clan look for when hand selecting a new recruit?

Jancis: In new recruits, we mainly look for the right attitude... people we know will work together well with our clan and town.. and also people who will complement each other within forms.

Maleah: What do you think are your clan's strong points?

Jancis: The same things that make us different also make us strong. We're closely knit, and we're willing to work together to get through any problem.

Maleah: What are your plans for your clan?

Jancis: My plans? Why, to raise this group up high enough to be a real help in town, and to continue bringing new players up in the fine LoD tradition.

Maleah: Most memorable event/greatest accomplishment so far?

Jancis: Ok, within the first week, we've 1) had our first single go to multiclass. 2) Paid off almost 50mil of our loan, and 3) gotten to almost full enrollment, where ALL clannies are active.. Oh, and the showclan ratings don't hurt either *grin*, but seriously our most memorable event.. within an hour after the clan's creation, I was linked and congratulated by over 30 people.. most whom I didn't realize even KNEW me. To me, that shows the overall spirit of this game, and that meant a LOT to me. I've had folks I only know by reputation linking me, asking to have their bloodlines enrolled.. new players (usually a brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend) who want to "see what this silly game is all about.." and within the first three days, they're hooked.

Maleah: What are you looking forward to most with this new clan?

Jancis: What am I looking forward to? Hmm.. we're doing exactly what I'd hoped already... but I think what I'm most looking forward to is the day when all these great newbies are multied and 110% active.. you know, that second- class second wind. *chuckle* I guess, 'to watch them grow up, and have newbies of their own' would be a good way of saying it.

Maleah: Any comments or remarks you would like to throw in?

Jancis:The main point of this clan was to make something where knowledge about the game was readily available to any person who wanted it.. not to guard "sacred secrets" like some clans do. Frankly, I think that kind of isolation is a waste.. when the leaders who have the knowledge retire, who's going to be able to take their place? So we brought in just enough knowledge to this clan at its creation to be able to give all these new players the right foundation, and the right outlook. (High hopes from Jan, which I haven't bothered to trademark yet.) *snicker*

Update after interview from Jancis: Here we're in our second week, and only have 40mil left on loan!! Our newbies have proven to be every good as we'd hoped, and the whole town seems more energized along with them. Check out the Knights of Discipline's website at http:/

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